Anti-Obesity Drive In India


anti obesity drive india

Anti-Obesity Drive In India

Since this being the anti-obesity month, let’s talk about how we ended up being obese in the first place. India, an agricultural country where people toil, has been increasingly moving towards the obese side, just like USA. There are umpteen number of gyms or health centers at the disposal still we just keep going up the graph!

Well, let’s start with the lifestyle changes, we are continuously at our desks, staring at the computer and secondly with odd working schedule our eating habits have gone down the drain. We reach for the unhealthiest items to snack on and the office canteen, let’s just not get into the greasy details. Would you believe if I were to tell you that in my ex office we use to have chicken biryani every Friday and some or other sort of biryani every other day?! Also there were cakes and chocolates at disposal… yea, that’s the truth and no, I didn’t work at some hotel! We had food for free and there was a gym for which we had to shell out about 2500/- rupees a month! All in all what is the conclusion? Even In the macro sense of terms this is what happens in India.

Comfort Foods

protein-bar-labelsHave you guys noticed the health food section in any supermarket? It’s next to negligible or not present at all! Also whatever is present need not really be healthy, it’s just smart packaging. If you don’t believe me check out the post Tarun wrote on  Rite Bite Max Protein bar and check out the calories and carbs on it, you might as well eat a lotte choco pie and be happy. Since you guys are on it, also check the one I wrote on quest nutrition bars, and check the macros on that. See the difference?

This is what I mean by smart packaging, Indian brand gives you the proteins but deludes you of the carb content! Health foods are just sheer bogus here compared to what we get out of India. Do you guys know the Quest nutrition also manufactures protein chips (yup, like lays, with awesome flavors), protein pastas and protein powders? People are given an opportunity to eat healthy as well as enjoy their food, and here, even the baked lays is not visible anymore in the market! It’s not that am bashing the Indian markets and going Ga Ga over US markets but it’s just that when you say anti-obesity month we need to ask,” what changes have the fitness industry made for us?”

If I go to a high-end mall there is just one side dedicated to health foods and 80% of them no one wants to eat! And protein bars which we have, might as well eat a chocolate! At least I get the satisfaction of eating a chocolate.


Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder weight gain

Coming to protein powders, I have to shell out 2500-5000 rupees for that! Would anyone believe that? I tried protinex, it’s cheaper but it makes me put on weight, since its soya derivative and many people don’t adjust to soya in their body. So when you have to buy whey isolate you need to cough up exorbitant prices cause it’s not manufactured here. Now I was just talking about the supplements here, but when it comes to real food, again we are at the losing end, look at the cost of an apple or orange! Plus they have changed from so and so much for a dozen to so and so much for a kg!

Also hit is the organic food these days, it’s costlier that the normal food, I never understand why does healthier equal costlier? Normal rice is say Rs.50/- but brown rice would be Rs. 80/- there is also something called as oats rice available for Rs.50/- per 200 gms!

Where do we stand?

With the food and supplement being such a major part of losing weight and staying fit where exactly do we stand on the Anti- obesity front? There is no major change in the fitness industry except for a few machines and ways to work-out, but with the food and supplement available in the market it’s just half the battle won, our market need to innovate new ways to introduce healthy food and inculcate the good eating habits, and more than inculcating we need to introduce pocket friendly healthy foods which people chose over the unhealthy counterparts. Without a major change in the food habits it would be very hard to achieve the anti-obesity mojo. And the fitness and food industry not helping with that is going to be really hard climb!

I would love to hear your views on this anti-obesity drive and if you really think we need to change the game, what needs to be done…

Hope to hear your views, this is pooja, Ciao!

Do you think Anti-Obesity Drive is just a stunt?

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