Anti Obesity Drive India 2014-Social Welfare Or Business?


Anti Obesity Drive India 2014-Social Welfare Or Business?

Anti Obesity Day is an important day for numerous health organizations across the world. Media is heavily involved during this day in India and Gulf countries.

In India, VLCC has been supporting Anti Obesity Drive since 2001. In the year 2001, VLCC’s founder Ms. Vandana Luthra launched anti obesity drive to create awareness about obesity. The drive includes mass sessions, talk shows with experts, media interactions and health camps.

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Anti Obesity Drive India 2014-Social Welfare Or Business?

I came to know about this anti obesity drive through a TV advertisement today. Then I researched on Anti obesity day and how it all started. I questioned in my head-the entire logic and intention behind this drive sponsored by VLCC. Well I don’t doubt that India needs awareness on obesity. Let’s check some of the statistics about India.

  • India is the third most obese country in the world, followed by United States and China.
  • 270 million people in India live below the ‘poverty line’.  As per Wikipedia, an income of less than $1.25 per day per head of purchasing power parity is defined as extreme poverty worldwide. Going by this definition, approximately 32.7% Indians are extremely poor. This clearly means obesity is an issue amongst the rich people or at least not so poor people.

I was amazed and amused both to know that VLCC is sponsoring the event. The above statistics reveal that obesity is a lifestyle disease and observed amongst the well-off people. These people primarily are the customers of weight loss centres like VLCC. So I just could not understand whether this Anti Obesity Drive is all about marketing and brand building since every media and publication is involved in this event.  It could also be a strategy to scare people and get business worth millions.

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It’s my personal opinion that if spreading awareness about obesity is the sole intention of this drive, it should be done around the year instead of a few days. It does not matter if it is conducted one or two days in a month. We all know that it takes some time for people to absorb knowledge and reflect over it. When a same thing is repeated at multiple occasions, even the ignorant people pay attention at least once! It is called drumming information into people’s head. That’s how a thought or awareness reaches masses. At this point in time, India needs awareness in masses against obesity.

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On a different note, awareness alone is of no use. Action is required against obesity. When a person realizes he/she is obese and works towards recovery, then the purpose of this Anti Obesity drive is met. Personally, I have had bad experiences with weight loss centers. Whenever you step into one, the manager has a sales target to achieve and you are made to shell out more than you can afford irrespective of your requirements and need fulfillment.

Eating healthy and working out is the only solution to beat obesity. Giving some links below that may help someone to kick obesity!

Are you aware of the Anti Obesity Drive India 2014?

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