Why Antibiotic Drug Resistance Is A Growing Health Issue?


Why Antibiotic Drug Resistance Is A Growing Health Issue?

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Have you heard about antibiotic resistance? The WHO (World Health Organisation) has issued a warning stating that antibiotic resistance has reached dangerous levels all over the world. You may be wondering why antibiotic resistance is a problem? Well, when bacteria become resistant to antibiotics even the smallest infection can become a deadly killer because antibiotic drugs are not able to fight the harmful bacteria.

According to the Director-General of the WHO, it is more of a health crisis and the governments of most nations recognize it as a huge threat to health. If left unchecked it can lead to drug resistance and can be the end of modern medicine.


Want to know the reasons behind its rise? Read on!

1) 64 percent of people in 12 countries don’t know that antibiotics cannot fight colds and flu.

In one study published by the WHO, it was found that 64% of the people have the misconception that they should consume antibiotics when they have a cold or flu. What they are not aware of is that antibiotics can only combat bacteria and not viruses. Colds and flu are because of viral infections and if you take antibiotics it won’t make any difference.

2) 1/3rd of the people surveyed say that they stop taking antibiotics as soon as they begin feeling better

You must have noticed that doctors prescribe antibiotics for a 3, 5 or 10 day course. This is not done randomly and there is a good reason behind it. Each kind of antibiotic takes a specified number of days to kill the infection causing bacteria completely. If you happen to consume medicines for just a day or two and then stop taking it, the bacteria may not be killed completely and the ones that remain are likely to get mutated and develop a resistance to the particular antibiotic.

3) Doctors tend to over-prescribe antibiotics

The WHO urges medical practitioners to be more restrictive while prescribing antibiotics. WHO recommends doctors to prescribe antibiotics only to those who need them. There is a need to treat antibiotics as a precious commodity.

How self medication can be dangerous

4) Some people purchase antibiotics from illegal sources like hawkers and internet

In its survey WHO found that 5 percent of the Chinese that had taken antibiotics in the last six months had bought them online and another 5 percent of Nigerians had bought them from hawkers and stalls. In Russia, only 56 percent of the people purchased antibiotics with a prescription. Shocking!

5) People pop in antibiotics as soon as they feel sick

Many of us don’t even have the time to fall sick and probably that is why we don’t try home-remedies. What do we do instead? We pop in an antibiotic out of the blue as soon as we feel unwell. This overuse of antibiotics gives bacteria a chance to mutate themselves and as a result of that, antibiotics are no longer capable of fighting them.

6) Self medication

Open your medicine box and you will surely have a stock of standard antibiotics in it. Now, how do you decide what to take? Do you take the same pills that the doctor prescribed you the last time you down with an infection or the pills that were given to your family member who was ill. This is just not right! Taking pills previously prescribed pills for your current illness give the bacteria a chance to mutate.

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