Anushka Sharma’s Fitness Secrets Revealed After NH10


Anushka Sharma’s Fitness Secrets

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Today I am going to talk about the very talented and bubbly actress, Anushka Sharma. In her latest movie NH10 she has portrayed a dark character with a violent streak! So unlike her usual roles! She has put in a lot of effort to depict the character with élan. She worked hard on her looks for the action scenes and has done workout for the same. Let us have a look how she kept herself physically fit!

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Fitness and diet mantra

While shooting for her film NH10, she got a makeshift gym made for her as the shooting was done in a remote place where there was no gym. She had her own team with her on location that comprised of her fitness trainer, cook and dietician. They made sure that she worked out properly and ate right to maintain her figure for the role. Even otherwise she enjoys working out. Earlier she was not much into exercising thanks to her naturally lean frame but she used to feel extremely tired by the end of the day. After working out regularly, she has been feeling full of energy and happy due to the release of hormones during her workout.

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The actress began with weight training 4 times a week and then also included Yoga in her fitness regimen after her visit to the Himalayas. She doesn’t need to do cardio as her aim is not to lose weight (I know you are thinking that this girl is lucky!) She eats everything in moderation to stay fit and healthy. She says that having a low carb, high protein diet is not meant for the type of body she has. Even salads are not meant for her. One diet doesn’t suit everybody; what works for one may not work for someone else. Anushka eats a minimum of 2 fruits in a day and food items from all the food groups. It can be clearly seen that the actress is fit as ever and hr diet and exercise routine are working in her favour.

Skin health

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Do you know that Anushka doesn’t need too much makeup to look good on screen? She has a flawless complexion and the credit goes to her daily skin care regimen. She removes all makeup before retiring to bed, which is a good habit to keep the skin spotless. She drinks 2 to 3 litres of water in a day to flush out toxins from the body. She also makes it a point to moisturize her skin. Natural face packs, rose water do wonders to her skin.

Anxiety issues

The actress is physically very fit but she has recently confessed in an interview that she has anxiety disorder and is under medication for that. Hats off to the bold girl for bringing forth her anxiety problem! So many people are suffering from anxiety silently not knowing what to do as it is considered to be a taboo in India. I guess Anushka’s boldness will give them strength too. She says she wants to raise awareness about the condition and remove the shame associated with it. According to her more and more people should talk about it openly. The actress wants to educate people about anxiety disorder and has made it her mission.

How do you feel after knowing Anushka Sharma’s Fitness Secrets?

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