Is Anxiety Not Letting You Meditate?

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Is Anxiety Not Letting You Meditate?


There are a lot of people who are struggling with mental health and are in search of some help to find peace and balance in their lives. People mostly opt for meditation when their stress and anxiety turn into a hindrance in their lives. Amongst several tools available for improving mental health, meditation is one.

Happiness and wellness have to be created in your own head before it actually shows up in life. It won’t be possible to live a smooth life when a horror movie keeps playing in your mind.

Meditation is said to be the fastest tool for bringing peace to your mind. However, is Anxiety Not Letting You Meditate? Here are some tips for meditating if you happen to be struggling through anxiety, stress and spinning thoughts.

practice meditation

1) Don’t try to push away thoughts while meditating

Asking you mind to stop thinking is just like telling your heart to stop beating. It is okay to have thoughts when you meditate. What you should not be doing is to try pushing away those thoughts with effort. Instead of doing that you should let your thoughts float around like clouds without cursing them for existing or trying to control them. Just acknowledge them and get back to do your own stuff.

2) Gently bring yourself back to the present

While meditating some people try to solve problems and others are caught up in thinking about their to-do list. Some people may feel their heads spinning. If you happen to have stressful thoughts or anxiety, things can get very frustrating. The key here is to get off the thinking trail and gently guiding yourself back. Don’t force yourself, just gently remind yourself that you are meditating and you should get back doing it. Getting into this kind of a habit will make your thoughts less intrusive to your session of meditation.

3) There is nothing called good or bad meditation

Don’t start judging yourself if you have a feeling that you are doing it wrong. Meditation is for improving life. If you have a thought-filled meditation, you should not fret as it will happen sometimes. Even if you feel sleepy during meditation it is cool! You can happily be a sleepy meditator. Meditation does not need perfectionism.

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4) Keep meditating

As your brain is a muscle, you are taking your brain to the gym when you are meditating. Just like all muscles, your brain needs constant exercise to become stronger. Don’t simply give up if you are not seeing results right away or if your thoughts are frustrating you while you are meditating. Building any new habit takes practice and meditation is no exception. Just stick to it and you will have a happier brain.

Meditation is so blissful, it gives your mind the exercise it needs. Just like how you hit the gym to keep your physical self healthy, you should meditate every day to keep your mind healthy. It is a great investment to your mental health. Do chalk out a way to include meditation in your daily routine.

Hope this post ‘Anxiety Not Letting You Meditate’ has been useful!

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