3 Smart Phone Apps To Prevent Dehydration!


Smart Phone Apps To Prevent Dehydration!

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‘Drink water!’ You must have heard that ample number of times. But yes, you do need water for healthy kidneys, energized muscles, healthy skin and for a lot more things.

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Now, how much water do you need?

People generally say that you need 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. However, health experts say that daily water needs can vary based on where you live and what you do for a living. Nutritionists in India believe that those who have a sedentary job should consume at least 2 litres of water a day and those who work outdoors may need up to 3 litres.

Having said that, there is one common problem faced by most people and that is remembering to drink enough water. It can be a challenge when you are totally lost in your work 😛

Technology comes to the rescue! Here are some helpful smart phone apps to prevent dehydration as they remind you to drink water.

1) Plant Nanny

plant nanny app_water reminder, Apps To Prevent Dehydration

Plant nanny is a very appealing and engaging app. People of all age groups love it. It is recommended because it functions well and at the same is a lot of fun. Your smart phone will home to a cute little plant that will only stay alive when your drink water regularly at regular time intervals.

You need to input some physical stats in order to get a rough idea about your daily water requirement. The size of the glass in the game can also be customized to match the one in the real world. You then have to start caring for the plant by drinking a glass of water every time the app reminds you. Tap the glass icon in the app in order to record your water intake. Just to keep your motivation levels high, there is in-game progress. The plant will grow and get replaced with more exotic plants. The app is easy to use and you just have to tap a button to track water intake. So, go ahead and download it!

2) Water Minder

water minder app, Apps To Prevent Dehydration

Here is another lightweight water reminder app that won’t slow down your phone. It acts as a simple reminder without any added frills. Just like Plant Nanny, this app requires your physical stats and personal goals. Based on the information you provide, it will remind you to drink water at fixed time intervals. You can make use of the cup in the app or customize it to match the cup you have in real life. Custom reminder to drink water can be created.

With the help of the history and graph provided by the app, you can monitor your progress.

3) Water Log

water logger app, Apps To Prevent Dehydration

Water log is another app with user friendly features. Just like other water reminder apps, you need to set your daily goals with a default of 8 glasses of water a day. Apart from standard reminders, the app has flash and vibrate options. The app has a glass icon that needs to be tapped each time you drink a glass of water. It also has provision to rectify input errors. Download it and you won’t forget to drink water again.

Though this may seem weird but it can rescue you from the terrible effects of dehydration. To know more about the scary facts of dehydration, click here!

Hope you liked reading this post on apps to prevent dehydration!

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