Are Antiperspirants Really Bad For Health?


Are Antiperspirants Really Bad For Health?

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There have been rumours on the internet that usage of antiperspirants leads to breast cancer! Certain sites have also shown a link between antiperspirants and Alzheimer’s disease too. Well, in this internet age, word travels really fast. Now, most of us use antiperspirants each morning to stay fresh all day long. Are we putting ourselves at risk? Are antiperspirants really bad for health? Well, let us find out what the truth is!

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Well, let me tell you in the beginning itself that so called health concerns over the usage of antiperspirants don’t have scientific evidence to back them up.

Where antiperspirant fears have originated from?

The fears related to antiperspirant usage centre on one active ingredient, which is an aluminium-based compound that prevents an individual from perspiring by temporarily plugging the sweat ducts. Antiperspirants don’t just stop perspiration; they are coupled with a deodorant too that has a pleasant smell.

Let us look how health concerns over antiperspirants began and see what research has to say-

Antiperspirants and cancer

In the recent years, studies have theorized that aluminium containing antiperspirants can increase the risk for breast cancer. Authors of the studies say that breast cancer mostly develops on the area of the breast that is closest to the armpit and which is where you apply antiperspirants. The studies claim that the chemical in the antiperspirants are absorbed into the skin. It is said that the chemicals can interact with DNA and lead to the cancer or disrupt the action of the female hormone estrogen , which is the one to influence the growth of the cells of breast cancer.

Experts don’t seem to give in to the claims. They say that there is no solid evidence that antiperspirants or deos can cause cancer. The studies conducted seem to have been flawed and even though a few chemical from antiperspirants were detected in the breast tissue, they cannot prove that the chemicals had any effect on the risk of blood cancer. One well designed study that compared cancer survivors with healthy women found no evidence that antiperspirants increase the chances of breast cancer.

Instead of making women worry about antiperspirants, it would be wiser to ask them to focus on healthy living to keep cancer at bay.

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Antiperspirants and Alzheimer’s

A few studies done in 1960s found that there were high levels of aluminium in the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer’s. However, the results of the early studies were not found again in research done later. Experts have ruled out that aluminium is linked to Alzheimer’s.

It is now being said that the aluminium present in antiperspirants does not make its way inside the body. The aluminium salts are not absorbed by the body. Instead they form a chemical reaction with sweat forming a physical plug which gets deposited in the sweat duct thereby blocking sweat in the areas where the antiperspirants is applied. Even if you have minor cuts due to shaving your underarms, there is nothing to worry about using an antiperspirant as the amount is negligible and doesn’t make scientific sense.

Antiperspirants and Kidney Disease

The concerns about antiperspirants and kidney disease was first raised several years back when dialysis patients were given an aluminium based drug to control the high levels of phosphorous in their blood. The aluminium started getting accumulated in their bodies because their kidneys were not functioning properly to remove the aluminium fast enough. The scientists noticed that such patients were more likely to develop dementia. Since then, FDA wants all antiperspirant labels to have a warning- “Ask a doctor before use if you have kidney disease.”This warning is actually meant for those individuals whose kidneys are functioning at 30% or less.

In reality, it is not possible to absorb so much aluminium through the skin that can harm the kidneys unless you spray it in your mouth or eat the deo stick 😛

Inactive ingredients in antiperspirants

A common antiperspirant component called parabens is linked to breast cancer. However, the link is questionable one. A study did find parabens in breast cancer tumours but it couldn’t determine that the parabens caused the cancer or if they came from antiperspirants. Also most antiperspirants and deos in the market don’t have parabens at all.

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The bottomline

In a nutshell, you need not worry about using antiperspirants. They have been in use for quite some time now and can be used with confidence. There is no evidence that antiperspirants cause breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Antiperspirants are safe to use!

Hope you found this post useful!

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