Are Baked Potato Chips Safe?


Are Baked Potato Chips Safe? Find out!

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Who does not like to have some salty snacks with a cup of tea in the evening? Something crispy and crunchy is always welcome. So, most of you are always on a look out for some healthy junk food! ‘Healthy junk food’ – does something of that sort even exist? Junk food can never be healthy. And you know why!

Food companies are out there to lure you to buy their products. As more and more people are turning health conscious these days, baked potato chips have emerged as a healthier alternative to the usual fried chips. But are baked potato chips safe? The ads must have convinced you by now that baked is healthier than fried. However, you will be shocked to know that baked potato chips pose 3 times higher cancer risk than the regular fried ones! Keep reading to know how!

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How potato chips cause cancer?

In the past decades, studies have found that heating of certain food products leads to molecular changes that give rise to toxins. Some of the toxins can be carcinogenic (cancer causing) leading to DNA damage and mutations. Acrylamide is one such cancer causing chemical and is present in almost every potato chip variety.

This chemical that causes cancer is a byproduct of the process of preparation. It is produced when foods are cooked at high temperatures. It is a neurotoxin that is so pervasively present in potato chips that consumer protection groups have found that acrylamide levels in potato chips is 910 times the safety limits. That is too much to handle!

How baked potato chips are worse than fried chips!

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As already mentioned above, food giants may be marketing baked potato chips as healthy alternative to the fried chips, but unfortunately there is nothing like ‘healthy potato chips’ till date. When foods are exposed to heat, acrylamide is formed. Baking the food also results in the formation of this toxin. The USFDA i.e. the US Food And Drug Administration has found out that acrylamide content in baked potato chips is more than 3 times higher than the amount found in regular chips.

According to food experts, the results of the studies are not a big surprise. They know too well that baking potatoes is the worst method of preparing them because of the high temperatures involved.

Do remember that the toxin acrylamide gets formed in other foods too that are exposed to high temperatures. This is true particularly in the case of processed meats, high carb and starchy foods such as potatoes. This is the main reason why scientists say that when you talk of healthy foods, only steamed, boiled and raw foods are the best.

So, now that you know that baked potato chips are worse than fried ones, you would stay away from them. Whenever you crave for potato chips, you better change your mind and head towards mashed potato. Better still, take a boiled potato, peel it, dice it and sprinkle some chaat masala on top and enjoy it.

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