Are Cooking Sprays Healthy?


Are cooking sprays healthy?

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Nowadays cooking sprays are doing rounds in the cooking arena. Cooking sprays are used for their ability to make a cooking surface non-sticky and later make clean-up easier. But the question here is whether these cooking sprays actually healthy or not.

I was amused to find out that cooking sprays can be used to fix a squeaky cycle chain and can also clean your windshield!! Is it related to cooking? Not at all!

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Why are they used in the first place?

Nutritionists and dieters really like cooking sprays because they add less fat and lesser calories than cooking oil.

But let me tell you that cooking spray far from being pure and natural. The ingredients list will do all the talking even if you go in for the organic one.

Here are 5 solid reasons to show the cooking spray the door.

  1. It has unhealthy additives

Can you imagine adding all kinds of chemicals to your home-cooked food? Just think how it would be if you add dimethyl silicone, soy lecithin or dimethylpolysiloxane to your food!! Several brands of cooking spray have all these chemicals including artificial flavours.

  1. It has genetically modified ingredients

Soya, corn are all crops so they don’t sound harmful but do you know that these are genetically modified. Why? This is done to enable farmers use more pesticide without causing any harm to the plant and increase productivity. Studies in animals show that genetically modified (GM) crops can adversely affect health. Even doctors are advising patients not to consume GM foods.

  1. It contains soya

You must be wondering what is wrong if it contains soya. After all, it is good for health. Yes, it is good for health but we are consuming too much of it. Most of the processed foods contain soya these days and this overconsumption can result in undesirable health consequences.

  1. It affects lung health negatively

According to studies conducted, it has been found that while heating the content of a cooking spray, high concentrations of a chemical called diacetyl is released. When exposed to it for a long time it can cause serious respiratory trouble. After this study, products containing this chemical were removed from the market but health experts still feel that cooking sprays contain risky chemicals.

  1. It is not environment friendly

They are not environmentally friendly. It has nitrous oxide which is a greenhouse gas. It is one of the largest ozone depleting chemical emitted by us humans. This chemical once released does a lot of damage to the environment for decades as it does not break down easily.

cooking spray vs homemade spray

So, from the point of view of health and the environment it is better to avoid using cooking sprays. You can simply use cold pressed cooking oils to wipe your cooking ware. But now since you have got the hang of using sprays, what can you do? Is there a way out? Yes, there is a way out! You get plastic spray bottles in most stores, just buy it and fill it with your favourite cooking oil and happily keep spraying around!!! This way you can keep your cooking ware non-sticky and also ensure that you don’t down extra calories!

Are you using cooking sprays?

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