Are Cornflakes Really A Healthy Breakfast Choice?

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Are Cornflakes Really A Healthy Breakfast Choice?

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What comes to your mind when you think of a healthy breakfast? Cornflakes and milk? While having a healthy breakfast is good for you what is odd is that you link cornflakes with good health. Cornflakes are not a healthy food at all and let me show you why!


The basic ingredient in cornflakes is corn but that is not it, they have sugar, high fructose corn syrup and malt flavouring too and most of them have high GI. We Indians are already prone to diabetes duet to the ‘belly gene’. So, consuming carbs with high GI increases the risk. To find out whether corn flakes are really healthy or not, let’s have a closer look.

A 25 gm cup of cornflakes has:

  • 7 g carbs
  • 3 g sugar
  • 7 g protein
  • Low fibre
  • 95 calories

You can see that the protein content is low and when it is so, your tummy won’t be full for long. Although cornflakes are low in fat, the sugar in them promotes the storage of fat. You might have seen some of the TV commercials where they tell you that corn flakes can help you lose weight but they mean that you have to eat a limited quantity of the cornflakes for all your meals.

Does eating cornflakes cause weight gain?

The sugar present in corn flakes is high fructose corn syrup. This kind of sugar is a simple carb. Most people add in honey or sugar to their cornflakes with the milk for an enhanced flavour. This increases the sugar content of the cornflakes meal thereby increasing the risk of weight gain.

Yes, our body cells require sugar in the form of glucose to survive but consuming too much of it can result in numerous health troubles like diabetes and obesity. Added sugar doesn’t have any nutrients and provides basically empty calories.

Scientifically speaking:

The AHA say that added sugars are just empty calories, like already mentioned above. They can cause unnecessary weight gain or even obesity and this reduces heart health, so they must be avoided. The WHO has asked people to reduce their daily intake of sugar to 5% of the total daily calories to ward off health problems.

Can cornflakes increase the risk of diabetes?

Processed food with a high sugar content fall under the category of high glycemic index food and such food is bound to increase the chances of diabetes. The GI of corn flakes is quite high – 82!

The high GI of cornflakes raises the blood glucose levels, increasing the insulin demand and contributes to the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Thus, it is not right to say that cornflakes are healthy. They can lead to several health issues such as diabetes, heart trouble and obesity.

What else can you have for breakfast?

If you really enjoy your breakfast cereal then switch to oats with milk. Add in some berries and fruits to improve the nutrient value. Add in protein rich foods like nuts (they add healthy fats and fibre too). Enjoy your healthy bowl of breakfast!

Oats For Weight Loss Management And Well Being

You can have a protein rich breakfast too if you want to stay full for longer and what can better than including eggs for the first solid meal of your day. A great source of protein, eggs are really healthy.

Still want to have cornflakes for breakfast?

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