Are First Born Kids More Smart And Brainy?


Are First Born Kids More Smart And Brainy?

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Are you the first child of your parents? Consider yourself lucky! You may ask why because it always your younger brother or sister who gets to do what they want 😛 Well don’t bother about that as you (the first-born) are the one who gets the brains!!


A study has found that the family’s first-born is the smartest and the successive sibling after that is a little less bright. Also, younger kids think that they are less intelligent than their elder brothers and sisters. You see, the actual difference is quite small, the IQ drops only by about 1.5 points per sibling. But it explains well why the eldest child does the best in life.

The researchers are not quite sure why elder brothers and sisters are blessed with brains. However, they can say that it probably can be because of the benefit they get from the undivided attention from their parents that remains till a younger sister or brother is born! Possibilities are also that the eldest child gets a brainpower boost by teaching his/her younger siblings about the way life is and how the world works.

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In the research, the results of 3 national studies were analysed that had one from the UK. It involved more than 20,000 people totally. The data included the results of IQ as well as personality tests.

Analysis of the data showed very clearly that with each extra sibling there is an IQ drop as well as a drop in their own perception of intelligence. However, differences in personality were not found, despite previous studies claiming that birth order affects an individual’s personality traits like reliability and extraversion.

The question whether an individual’s birth order affects their character has fascinated the common people and scientists alike. The researcher said that she did not examine why the eldest child tends to be brainier as the reason primarily lies in the way the child is brought up.

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One theory is also that the children born after the first kind of ‘dilute’ the parents’ resources. The first born gets complete parental attention for a few months or years, the late-borns have to learn to share that parental attention right from their beginning.

Researchers feel that there is another possible factor and that is the tutoring hypothesis. A first-born tutors the younger siblings and teaches them about the world. Teaching others requires high cognitive abilities. The individual needs to recall their own knowledge, give it a structure and then think of a good way to explain it to their younger brothers and sisters. This could boost intelligence in firstborns.

Wait a minute! Eldest kids shouldn’t start gloating after reading this because they will not always be the cleverest ones. Calculations say that in a family of two kids, the probability of the eldest having a higher IQ is 6 times in 10. This gives younger children a chance to shine.

It is believed that biology also has a role to play in making first-borns brainier. The children born later are prone to genetic problems as their parents are comparatively older when they are conceived. However, previous research shows that when the second born is raised as the eldest after the demise of the first born in infancy, their intelligence equals that of first-borns. So, biology cannot overpower upbringing.

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