Are Frozen Foods Bad For Health?


Are frozen foods bad for health?

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Tell me honestly how many times have you stood by the freezer in the supermarket to buy frozen processed food? Many times right? If you would not have bought, you would have at least ogled at at :P. Today’s fast paced lifestyle has made frozen foods a norm. You come home tired and don’t have the energy to cook up a fresh meal. You open packets of frozen paranthas, pizza or burger, defrost them and you are sorted. You just fixed up a quick meal for yourself. But do you know that the processed frozen stuff what you are gulping down is not as nutritious as the fresh version of the food?

Frozen patties frozen food bad for health

Why is frozen food bad?

Frozen food looks attractive because you have got to do nothing other than microwaving it. Here are some good reasons to avoid frozen food:

  • Ingredients of frozen food are not the same as that of the fresh version. Partially hydrogenated palm oil is used that is known to have hidden trans fat. Trans fat can be really dangerous for health and can cause heart disease.
  • High sodium content is also a matter of concern. One frozen meal can contain sodium easily between 700 to 1800 mg of sodium. With recommended daily dosage being 2300 mg, frozen foods will make you easily cross the limit. This poses a risk for people with hypertension.

Okay, so I have scared you enough. I agree that life is tough and challenging these days. With grueling deadlines and work hours, you are bound to be searching for shortcuts in cooking. You can’t cook the way grandma used to :P. Frozen stuff makes it a lot easier. Here are a few tips that make frozen food healthy to an extent:

  • When you once defrost the pack of frozen food don’t freeze it again. Take out only the amount you want and leave the rest in the freezer.
  • Avoid buying frozen food that has cheese sauce of any kind in it. Such foods are high in saturated fat and are loaded with calories.
  • Don’t buy fruits that are frozen and packed in syrup. Check the list of ingredients. If you are buying frozen veggies and fruits the list of ingredients should not have anything except them 😛
  • When you eat frozen foods, accompany them with a large serving of veggies and fruits. You will feel fuller after a meal and you will snack less.

Point to be noted

Frozen foods on their own are not healthy. Opt for frozen foods only when there is an emergency. Read the ingredient list always. Suppose you have one frozen meal, make it a point to eat freshly made food for your other meals.

Are all frozen foods bad for health?

Frozen vegetables- frozen food bad for health

Actually no, not all frozen stuff is bad! Fruits and veggies when frozen are as good as fresh. If you buy fresh and store them in the fridge for a long time, they will lose a part of their nutritive content. Purchasing frozen veggies and thawing them when you need will retain more amount of nutrients.

Peas and green beans tend to lose their vitamin C content after they are picked from the plant. Such foods when frozen within a few hours of being plucked actually retain the nutrients till they are thawed. My mother purchases frozen green peas from reputed brands and they are as good as their fresh version.

Do you consume frozen food often?

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