Are Slimming Centres Really Effective In Weight Loss


Are Slimming Centres Really Effective In Weight Loss

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Have the glossy ads of slimming centres ever tempted you? The before and after pics and ‘too good to be true’ promises would attract anybody who badly wants to trim down. There are so many slimming centres in the country right now that make tall claims. Are they really effective in revamping a person’s silhouette? Come along let us find out.

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Reputed slimming centres have several specific weight loss treatments like spot reduction, figure correction, waist and tummy trim, body contouring and skin firming. These centres make several claims. It is time for the bitter truth to come out. I have heard stories of several women who say that they have just wasted their money on the slimming programmes. Even if they lost weight, they regained it all back once the treatment was over.

Are Slimming Centres Really Effective In Weight Loss?

Here are a few claims made by slimming centres and the truth behind them:

Tall claim no.1

You can lose 8 to 10 kilos in just 15 days, that too without exercise and diet. Just attend our sessions.

The truth

Ideally you should not lose more than 1 kg a week. Rapid weight loss can cause a lot of health complications. The only way of losing weight is by having a controlled diet and doing proper exercise. This kind of weight loss would happen gradually.

Tall claim no. 2

We provide spot reductions for the thighs, arms, buttocks, abdomen and chin (often termed as problem areas).

The truth

There is nothing like spot reduction. Fat distribution depends on genetics. If you happen to lose weight overall, you will also lose it in the problem areas.

Tall claim no.3

With the help of fat burning machines, your fat will be broken down and it will move out of the body through lymph nodes.

The truth

The machines have a belt that is wrapped around you and it gives a sense of heat and vibration. That is all they do, they don’t work on the underlying fat. There is no scientific backing for this kind of fat burning technique.

Tall claim no.4

Cellulite cannot be tackled with diets and exercise. You can use special cellulite gels, oils and creams.

The truth

The claim doesn’t have a scientific backing again. No gel or oil can work on cellulite. External application can be of no help in burning cellulite. It is just an excuse to sell cheap creams at an exorbitantly high price. Most customers are deceived by slimming centres who sell aromatic refined oil in the name of cellulite oil.

Slimming-centres before and after pics

If weight loss was so simple then nobody would be on the heavier side. As per statistics, the percentage of obese and overweight individuals in India rose from about 9% of the population in 1980 to 11% in 2008. It has been found that 70% of people living in the metro cities are overweight or fall in the obese category. If just massage or creams can help in weight loss, won’t these people living in the metros be able to lose weight?

There is no shortcut to success and weight loss is an achievement in its own. You can lose weight only by your dedication and hard work.

It is time we take charge of our health and not fall for marketing gimmicks.

Jaago grahak jaago!

Now you know slimming centres are not effective in weight loss. Share your experiences too.

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