Are Smoothies Really Healthy?


Are Smoothies Really Healthy? Find Out!

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Do you love smoothies? They are a huge craze especially amongst those who are totally into fitness. There are people who replace their solid meals with smoothies. They add so many healthy ingredients to it that it turns to a wholesome meal that can be consumed on the go. But there are different opinions about it.

Are smoothies really healthy? Keep reading to find out!

smoothie prevent weight gain

Here are some nutrients and ingredients added to smoothies and let us see whether they are healthy or not.

1) Protein

Protein is an essential macronutrient and an important part of a balanced diet. Smoothies have a good amount of protein as there are fruits, veggies and dairy in it along with oats. Even protein powder is one ingredient that can be added to a smoothie to make it a great post workout meal. Consuming more of protein rich smoothies keeps you full for longer and thereby prevents you from bingeing on unhealthy food later.

whey protein powder-Top health benefits of whey

2) Dietary fibre

Fruit and berries can add a lot of dietary fibre to your smoothie. Dietary fibre helps in getting rid of toxins from the digestive tract, lowers cholesterol levels, controls blood sugar and aids weight loss. So, do blend in lots of fibre rich fresh fruit into your smoothie to enjoy the benefits of dietary fibre.

Berrries for diabetics

3) Probiotics

Yogurt based smoothies add the most essential thing to your diet and that are probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria that are beneficial for the digestive system. A healthy gut points to a healthy body. Probiotics help stabilize digestion and metabolism. The easiest way of adding good bacteria to your smoothie is by making it yogurt based.

greek-yogurt health benefits

4) Sugar

Adding sugar to a smoothie is a bad idea. You can instead drink a can of coke. You need to use other natural sweeteners (like stevia) for sweetening your smoothie. You can also give the sweetener part a miss as you can bring in sweetness to your smoothie by adding fresh fruits. Sugar is a strict no-no to your smoothie especially if you are on a weight loss spree.

no sugar please

5) Liquid

Many people add fruit juice to thin down their smoothie thinking that it is healthy. However, let me tell you that even freshly prepared fruit juice is not a good idea. It has lots of sugar sans the fibre. It would be better to add a bit of water to thin down your smoothie and bring it to the consistency you want. Other options are coconut milk and cow’s milk.

apricot-juice Do you suffer from body heat

6) Oats and cereal

You can toast oats and cereals and add them to your smoothie. Check out healthy oatmeal smoothies here- Click! It can add an extra punch to your smoothie and make it more nutritious and filling. Having an oatmeal smoothie for breakfast is a great idea as it will fill up your belly.

oats in mixer

So, while most ingredients that you add to smoothie are healthy, you need to stay away from two ingredients if you really want your smoothie to be healthy and they are: sugar and fruit juice.

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