Are Sugarfree Packaged Juices Healthy?


Are Sugarfree Packaged Juices Healthy?

Hello Everyone,

Have you ever landed in a situation when you chose to have juice over cold drink thinking juice is healthier? If yes, then high five 😀 . I have also done that quite a number of times in the past and realized later that my decision of picking juice was no better. Here is what I share with you, my thoughts on are sugarfree packaged juices healthy!

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Recently, one of our dear reader Swati asked me to review Real sugar free packaged juices. She said her friends were ga ga about it but she was skeptical if it is actually good for health. Well, its obvious to be skeptical if the food item is packaged! I shared a post on why packaged juices are as bad as cold drink, read it here please.

I am sharing a very interesting conversation I had with my friend who was a brand manager at a FMCG company. This person was heading beverages products and of course knew about the product in an out right from procurement of raw items to shelving in supermarkets.

I was excited to ask him about sugar free juices since I don’t take refined sugar. What he said left me speechless. He disclosed that the company sources fruits that are left over in the market end of the day. These are not fresh, third grade quality and sometimes over ripe and rotten too. I felt disgusted!

He also asked me a question. How can fruit juice have a shelf life of 3 months without any preservatives as companies usually claim? I had no answer and kept thinking!


Later after a lot of research I reached a conclusion that packaged juices, no matter of what company or what fruit, are to be avoided like plague. No matter how tall the claims of the company are, use some common sense and read the labels, you will know if you really need to put packaged juice in your body!

In short, aerated drinks and packaged juices are equally harmful. I am not in favor of juices in the first place since on extraction, pulp is discarded which contains most of the nutrients and fiber too. Whole fruit is the best choice. Still if you need to extract juice, have fresh home made juices. Invest in a good blender or juicer and enjoy fresh juice 🙂

Hope this random talk post would help you a bit!



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