Are You A Nutella Lover?You May Not Love Nutella Anymore


Are You A Nutella Lover?You May Not Love Nutella Anymore

Does the news of Nutella being banned disturb you? I won’t be surprised if the answer is “Yes”. I have seen truckloads of people who are absolutely in love with Nutella. I have not tasted Nutella, but have heard people raving about it. “It is heavenly”, stated one of my friend. The commercial said Nutella on bread or roti or dosa is a timeless combination. Now I am intrigued and excited!

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I looked for its ingredients on internet. What I read was shocking!

Nutella’s serving of 1 tbsp is 19 grams out of which 11 grams is carbohydrate. Entire 11 grams of carbohydrate is sugar. Is it not too much of sugar? Hell yeah it is! It’s not even real sugar. It is beet sugar which is a genetically modified cheap sugar which can maximize profits for the manufacturer. The sugar used is a kind of a Neurotoxins which can cause death of brain cells, migranines, depression, anxiety etc. These are pesticide laiden , icing on the cake you see! I don’t even use sugar but a natural sweetener, read here.

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Soy lecithin – Soy is not a very nice to have ingredient here. Soy is one of the most controversial food item, its asscoiated with cancer, constipation, thyroid, weight gain, depression, decreased fertility and what not!

Palm oil – this is one ingredient that made me really angry. Its a very health fat and does great for the body. But demand for palm oil has raised deforestation across the world. Palm trees are cut, and used. Who cares about planting more, isn’t ?

Skim milk – what do I say about skim milk? Majority of the times skim milk is a highly pasteurized milk from hormones fed cows. Milk is nothing but synthetic liquid, devoid of healthy fats!

Cocoa – Its great, but wait! Low fat cocoa? I read somewhere that low fat cocoa is used in Nutella. When someone talks about low fat, it means high sugar. How else can you make a food tasty if you rip off its fat until you load it with sugar?

Vanillin – This is an artificial flavor, yes it is no matter if the TV ad said no preservatives or flavors. Most of the people don’t know about Vanillin, so let me just take a deep dive. Its an addictive substance, thats why people are crazy about eating Nutella perhaps. It makes your brain think that you are eating real vanilla. Vanillin bonds with brain receptors and releases hormones that make you feel fantastic. Alaas, when the hormones are done with their job, you feel like you need a spoonful again!

Nutella lovers swear how eating it makes them feel ooooh so good! Unfortunately, you are better off not eating it for good, period.

I am never going to be a Nutella lover. Will you still be?

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