Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone?Take This Quiz To Find Out


Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone?Take This Quiz To Find Out

Hello Everyone,

It has been long I wrote a fun post and shared with you all. So today is the day I decide to bore you guys 😀 . Some people are spiritually enlightened by birth, a few crackpots like me take some time for realizations of some facts or truths 😛 . Over the weekend as I woke up in the morning I realized that my phone is not around. I panicked , searched everywhere, called from another phone but no success; it was on silent mode.

smartphone addiction 1

Later I found it under my pillow 😀 , suspense over! Then the realization came that I am addicted to my Smartphone. I recently upgraded to iPhone 5s, freaking out seeing iPhone 6 which is too big for my tiny hands. I decided that till the time iPhone starts making perfect sized phones again in the years to come, let me grab this beauty. I absolutely love champagne color <3

So with this incident happening, I thought let me check with you guys if you are also addicted to your smartphone. Take this small quiz to find out-

1. Do you check or pick up your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning?

As I rub my eyes waking to new morning, first thing I do is pick up my phone and take it to the lounger where I enjoy my morning tea.

2. Do you check your phone last thing at night and keep it near you while you sleep?

I put alarm on my phone, put in on silent, refresh my mailboxes 😀 and keep it on the bedside table next to my bed as I go Zzzzzzzzzzzzz 😀

3. Do you realize your phone is missing in just 30 seconds?

I have a bad habit of keeping my phone aside while shopping, in seconds I scream – “where is my phone” 😛 . I have done so in office meetings also 😉

4. Do you look for every damn information you need on your phone?

I have saved a lot of other information like birthdays, some important notes, email ids etc all on my phone. Whenever someone asks me anything, I conviniently fish out my phone and start looking 😀

5. Do you have various chat windows open at the same time on your phone?

Well, I have 2-3 whatsapp groups that continously buzz due to updates. Most of the times, my Facebook messenger buzzes when someone from my dear IWB team pings or someone looking to lose weight does!

Smartphone addiction 2

If 3/5 answers are YES, you are addicted to your phone. If 4/5 anwers are YES, you are obsessed about your phone/ If 5/5 answers are YES, you love and obsess your phone above everything else, guilty as charged 😀

My score is 5/5 and I accept that I just adore my phone. What about you? Please do share your score 😉

See you again



Are you addicted to your smartphone?

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