Are You Too Old To Learn Yoga?


Are You Too Old To Learn Yoga?

Hi all,

I have been doing yoga since childhood and to be honest, I am decently flexible, however I often hear people telling me, they cannot do yoga since their bodies cannot adapt to it, as maybe they are too old, too muscular, too manly :p In fact yoga is the only form of exercise which can be adapted anytime during your life. You are never too old for Yoga, believe me!


1. Knee problem, no problem:

old for yogaDo you feel yoga is a problem when you have weak or sore knees, it is not entirely true, yes some asanas cannot be done but there are many more especially meant for fixing those knees. At first instance, I would suggest using a thicker mat, more padding around the knees. After all, weak knees should not be a hurdle in making you chose an exercise routine for you.

As for yoga routine, I have trainers telling us in the class that they have knee issues and they cannot do a particular asana and  that we should do with full vigour. Nothing stops them from teaching! 🙂 so then what is holding you back? excuses!?

2. Digestion problems help, get rid of it:

yoga for digestionYou often have troubles with digestion, have gassy stomach or uncomfortable while sleeping at night. Then these are all signs for your to get moving and releases all the excess fluids and unwanted wind in the body. Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle and accumulation of bodily fluids make us very uncomfortable. Yoga channels those from  the body. You will have to do it to experience it. Your joints will automatically start feeling more relaxed and your digestive troubles will be at bay.

3. Arthritis should not stop you:

benefits yogaArthritis sure causes a lot of trouble, I understand that aerobics and cardio can be daunting.  Yoga in fact eases your pains and reduces the effects of arthritis. Just book a class, where it is tailored to your needs. Or just have a look at some videos online and perform is with care. You need a will and not a entirely fit body. With the will you will see far reaching effects and of course a fitter you 🙂

4. Muffin top, fear not:

muffin-topYou think a big tummy will obstruct your yoga poses, and only cardio is your saviour. Sorry to burst your bubble, but just cardio is not getting you anywhere, with some strength training in form of yoga, you can easily get rid of the tummy you fear comes in everyone’s way 😉

Yoga focuses on your body to make you stronger, it works on your arms, core and legs. It makes your body toned, thus add yoga in your boring cardio routine and get moving!

5. Weak bones, build them up:

yoga hold positionMany yoga poses aim at strengthening your bones, with a proper diet and regular yoga you can easily become a stronger you. You should not worry about your age being a factor and not letting you move. Here in the UK I see a lot of old people who are so enthusiastic about exercise. They have hundred problems may be, but a morning run, a yoga class, a Saturday workout is dedicated to them, nothing stops them from taking a Body Pump class, they lift heavier than I do. I sometimes feel astonished and some of them have such sculpted figures that it would give you a run for your money! So what is stopping you from doing something for yourself, remember age is just a number.

So what is stopping you from doing something for yourself, remember age is just a number.

Love Vrinda

Do you think you are too old to do Yoga?

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