Healthy Armenian Cucumber Salad With Yogurt

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Armenian Cucumber Salad With Yogurt

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How many of you love our very own kakdi? Yeah, most of you would raise your hands for a juicy bite of the veggie. Armenian cucumber is called Kakdi in Hindi. It is a very common summer vegetable that just needs to be washed well and then eaten raw with some masala sprinkled on top. You can even cook it if you like. The majority of the nutrients lie in the outer skin and that it why you don’t need to peel it. Mostly made up of water and immensely refreshing, it is simply perfect for summers. You will find vendors selling them in most markets.

My friends who are struggling to lose weight will find this veggie very interesting. Being both a low calorie and a low carb food, the Armenian cucumber is the best veggie for weight watchers. So, I am here with a quick recipe of Armenian Cucumber Salad With Yogurt that you will find at the end of my post!

Health benefits of kakdi or Armenian cucumber

Kakdi_Armenian Cucumber

1) Armenian cucumbers are known to contain lots of antioxidants such as carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, and the like. These compounds fight the damage caused by free radicals. This helps reduce aging and ward off diseases.

2) They are diuretic by nature. This checks weight gain and high blood pressure.

3) As already mentioned the Armenian cucumber is a low calorie veggie and does not have saturated fats or cholesterol in it. It is a good source of dietary fibre and it is helpful in reducing constipation and also protecting from colon cancers by removing toxins from the gut.

4) These cucumbers lower the level of bad cholesterol as they have high amounts of sterol present in them.

5) This veggie keeps blood pressure under control as it has fibre, postassium and magnesium in it. The juice of cucumber has minerals in it that boost alkalinity and reduce acid levels in the blood. It is a great blood balancer for those who have acid-related issues.

6) Armenian cucumbers are a great mineral source and thus they help in preventing the breakage of finger and toe nails.

7) The good amount of vitamin K found in these cucumbers has a solid role to play in enhancing bone strength.

8) The cucumbers are also effective in treating diseases like Alzheimer’s by limiting neuronal damage.

9) Armenian cucumbers have 95% water and this helps in getting toxins flushed out of the body.

10) The cucumbers being long and crispy have a good amount of dietary fibre to offer. Dietary fibre is very important when it comes to weight loss as it helps in the free movement of bowels. Fibre also helps in improving metabolism that is a good sign for weight loss.

11) The seeds of cucumber are quite helpful in removing tape worms present in the digestive tract. Cucumber seed powder is also helpful in eliminating the tape worm.

I have a lot of renovation going on at my place and by the time the workers call it a day,  I am too tired to cook anything. So today when it was dinner time and I was tired and hungry, I just saw some Armenian Cucumbers and lettuce in the refrigerator. A quick salad was what I wished for at that moment.

Armenian Cucumber Salad With Yogurt Recipe

Here is it… Just two long Armenian Cucumbers, two lettuce leaves, one tomato, three tbsp thick yogurt, salt, pepper mixed up with a sprinkle of flax seeds on top. To make it more filling I just added two boiled eggs.

Armenian cucumber salad pic 2, Armenian Cucumber Salad With Yogurt


If you are a vegan you can skip the eggs and add some grated carrots to your Armenian Cucumber Salad With Yogurt! Even paneer chunks can be added.

Armenian cucumber salad pic 1, Armenian Cucumber Salad With Yogurt

Enjoy the salad!

Hope you liked this recipe of Armenian Cucumber Salad With Yogurt!

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