Artificial Sweeteners Available In India

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Artificial Sweeteners Available In India

Artificial Sweeteners Available In India
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Heya Everyone,

Many readers have promised on IWB to reduce their sugar intake, I am elated that IWB is making a bit of difference in your lives 🙂 ! We need something sweet to replace sugar. A few healthy alternatives are jaggery and honey. I don’t find jaggery good enough for tea although one of my friend happily relishes gud wali chai !

I am completely against using Honey. Pure honey never crystallizes and I am yet to see a honey brand which does not crystallize. I simply mean honey crystallizes because of added sugar in it. I am fortunate to have tasted pure honey in my native town where some people sell pure honey in small shops. But its a distant dream here in Bangalore! So let us find out all about artificial sweeteners available in India.

I reviewed Artificial Sweeteners Available In India on IWB when only I and Ana used to read our posts 😛 , I am referring to the time when we just started IWB.

Seems its time to revisit those posts so that you know how to choose a sweetener wisely. Lets begin –

1. Stevia

Stevia Sweetener Review

It would be unfair to call Stevia an artificial sweetener but its important that I include Stevia, you will know why ! It is produced in factories but stevia is a plant… its natural ! Its not a chemical produced by mixing element x and y !

This is the sweetener I use in my tea and coffee. Some people find Stevia to be bitter. The tip is not to cook stevia, add it when tea is in your cup and you are about to sip 😀 . Read about Stevia here.

2. Sugar Free Natura

is sugar free natura good for health

This is by far the most extensively used sweetener in India (i think so !) . If I were to guess reason for its popularity, I would say – easy availability and Cadilla’s reputation as a medicine company.

Sugar Free Natura is made from sucralose. Its also knows as Splenda in US and western countries ! There is nothing good about this sweetener. Diabetic people take this sweetener and I sware, its like commiting suicide. By the way, sucaralose is known to cause weight gain if you were thinking you would shrink by adopting this ! Read the review here.

3. Sugar Free Gold

Sugar Free Gold Review

This is another product from Cadilla. Sugar Free Gold is cheaper than Natura. Its made of Aspartame. Did you think the name sounds like a chemical ? Sure it does ! Its  a chemical, don’t go close everrrrrr ! Read the review here.

4. 0 Calorie Sweetener Equal

equal original review

This is going to be interesting ! Have you heard of Saccharin ? No, I also did not before reviewing Equal products. Equal has very successful products –

  • Equal Orginial – made from Aspartame.
  • Equal Sucralose – made from Sucaralose.
  • Equal Saccharin – made from Saccharin, sulfa-based sweetener with primary ingredient – benzoic sulfimide.
  • Equal Next – made from Aspartame and Saccharin

Read the detailed review here.

I INSIST that you read these 2 articles for sure – dangers of aspartame here and how to read food labels here. Aspartame is an added ingredient in a lot of ready made food items , so you need to be aware !

If you are doubtful about any sweetener, drop a comment and we shall review it soon !