Atkins Diet Plan For Vegetarians

atkins vegetarian diet weight loss

Atkins Diet Plan For Vegetarians

I started my Atkins Diet (read Low Carb diet) as a non-vegetarian but the moment I shifted from Bhubaneswar to Noida it became difficult for me to continue with that as I didn’t want to eat costly fish brought from the notoriously polluted Yamuna. Read my non-vegetarian diet plan here.

I like chicken but can’t eat it on a daily basis while eating pork and beef are out of the question. So I was left with hardly any option but to shift to my ‘generally vegetarian’ lifestyle. A look at the weekly Tuesday vegetable shopping spree made me too happy as it was full of low-carb vegetables. This is the list of veggies I buy every week mainly for their low-carb content. So here is the list with the carb content of each veggie.


Carbs gm / 100gm


Broccoli boiled



Cabbage boiled



Spinach raw




1.4 to 1.9


Sarson raw



Mushrooms raw



Capsicum raw



Eggplant raw






Tomatoes raw



Cucumber raw



Red cabbage raw



Radish raw



Pumpkin raw



Cauliflower boiled



Baby corn boiled



Okra  raw



Mung sprouts raw



Carrots raw



Red pepper raw



Onions raw


After going through this list you can surely have a general idea about how you can create a healthy and tasty low carb meal. Make salads, soups or sauté them.

If you eat eggs then add a handful of cabbage, chopped spinach, a tsp of chopped onions, a garlic clove chopped to 2 beaten eggs and sauté in a tbsp butter. Sprinkle salt, pepper and there you have a full meal ready.

Here is an easy recipe for low-carb vegetarian which is my favorite.

IMPORTANT – If you are vegan or intolerant to eggs you can make the same recipe without eggs and with an increase in Tofu/Paneer. It will be better to blend tofu/paneer into cream form for better baking.

atkins vegetarian diet weight loss


Number of servings – 4 (can make 2 too) 😛


Eggs – 4

Tofu – 50 g / Paneer – 30g

Capsicum – 50 g

Spinach – 100g

Onions – 2 tbsp chopped

Butter – 2 tbsp

Milk – 0.5 cup

Per Serving:

calories – 169

carbs – 3

fat- 13

protein – 9

cholesterol -18

fiber -1

net carb – 2 (per serve)

Atkins Diet Plan For Vegetarians

Mix everything together and either micro high for 4-5 minutes or make into a thick omelet. Believe me, it’s yummy and healthy 🙂

Atkins Diet Plan For Vegetarians

My vegetarian low-carb meal plan generally goes like this.

Early morning

A tsp of roasted methi powder with 2 glasses of water. After this a big mugful of black tea without sugar with a tbsp milk cream (malai) and four almonds.


After my Walk at Home program. Two eggs cooked with veggies and lots of butter. (Above mentioned recipe) and a big mug of black coffee with 1 tablet stevias.


Big plate of salad (blanched cabbage, capsicum, spinach) with 40g paneer crumbled in it.

Evening tea

Black tea with cream and 20 gms peanuts/ walnuts.


Cabbage, capsicum, ginger, spinach, green chilies and coriander sautéed/ baked/ soup. A few almonds for that sweet tooth satiety. 😉

You can always keep changing the vegetable combinations. Like at times I just love to have a bowl of ‘Sarson Palak’s Saag’ with a big spoon full of desi ghee. It is great in winter for dinner.

TIP OF THE DAY – To keep portions under control chop and weigh veggies in the morning only and keep them aside so that you are clear about your daily allowances.

Keep food weighing machine always at hand.

atkins vegetarian diet weight loss

People at times will call you crazy but that is the way it is. It’s your life and as far as food is concerned you have the full right to have your way. Be particular about your life now. You can’t let go of your joy of being healthy as you have got one chance to live a healthy fulfilling life.

Love Life, Live Life.

P.S – Read Kanan’s inspiring weight loss story here.

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  1. hi kanan,

    is walking just enough for weightloss ? I am just not able to find time to indulge in other exercise programs as such. i walk around 1.5 to 2 hours everyday covering roughly 11 kms… this is all i do.. and nothing else…am so concerned that am not lifting weights… but then… trust me… no time…

    with respect to diet, i try to eat as healthy as possible.. but i end up eating some sinful food now and then… like chocolate, rice, etc… in small quantity….

    and i have reached a plateau kind of… i lost close 6 kgs in 3 months.. and in last one month… i didnt walk regularly due to some travelling and other reasons…and in this one month, there is no weightloss at all.. infact i gained around 1 kg… :-(((((((

    now again started walking and healthy eating… please give some suggestions to improve in this routine….

  2. and am in such a low mood that i didnt loose in last one month… so sad… :-((

    why this weight loss is taking sooooooo much time and efforts !!!!! i still have 5 more kgs to go… at the least….

  3. Hi SnuKool
    I have lost loads of weight but trust me I never ever lifted any weight. I have never gone to any gym also or ever consulted any dieticians. Its your will power to lose that can help you out of this situation. while walking speed matters just ensure you walk 12-15 mnts a mile (pedometer helps) 🙂
    Have patience– whenever I lose patience I always tell myself that it took me 45 years to pile on those kilos ,how can I expect it to go in a month or two!!!! that is what it is. 🙂 Stay low carb for a month– means real low carb less than 50 gms daily. Keep walking fast— do a lot of spot walking and spot jogging and remember those last few kilos are the most difficult to lose. keep trying — it will go. 😀

  4. nice post Kananji…hats off to you.
    but I think I shall feel hungry . cant think of omiting carbs for bfast.
    but shall try to reduce my carb intake..

    • Mitha thanks for liking the post and let me tell you even a bit reduction of carbs specially at night goes a long way. eat all your healthy carbs in the breakfast, increase fiber and bingo— you go gal. 🙂

  5. Hello mam,
    Your story is really inspiring. Mam, could u please tell me the complete Atkins diet. i weigh 80 kgs. i am 27 years old. i can’t join a gym but i have started the walks. i am a pure vegeterian. the above diet needs to be follow for how many months to lose 20 kgs. and can u tell me the alternative for eggs. also, could you tell me the recipe for lunch and dinner soup. can i drink green tea instead of black tea? for the power walk , are u using 1 kg dumbles?plz reply

  6. Thanks Swati. you can google Atkins vegetarian for Indians for all the details asked . In place of eggs you can have Tofu…Power walk is a way of walking for more calorie burn there is no need to use weights… check my post on Leslie Sansone’s Walk at home program. All the best.


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