Australia’s New Healthy Eating Food Pyramid-Yay Or Nay?


Australia’s New Healthy Eating Food Pyramid-Yay Or Nay?

Australia was delighted when the new healthy eating food pyramid was released after a long wait of 15 years. Food pyramid has mostly been a tool used to teach nutrition without any logical reasoning or practical use. Bread and cereals have been considered healthy for years and were apart of previous food pyramid. More and more people gained weight all these years and the food pyramid lost its importance.

Let’s see if Australia’s New Healthy Eating Food Pyramid lived up to the expectations –

austrailia new healthy eating pyramid


Since I am an eggitarian, let me talk about eggs first. I am so elated to see healthy fats, eggs, cheese, milk , yogurt – all my favorite foods right on top. They need to be eaten maximum for great health.

Healthy fats are right at the job. I can’t express my excitement. Coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and ghee are the healthiest fat you can have.

The food pyramid now has more sections which gives more clarity of what is best and what is to be avoided.

Water has been emphasized. One should drink at least 3-4 litres of water everyday and not 6-8 glasses like you would read everywhere.

Sugar and salt limitation is apt to the core. Great job!

Herbs and spices are also encouraged, can’t be more correct. Most of the herbs and spices not only add flavor and taste to food but are great antioxidants too.

Dairy has been put on the top which is great. Most criticized butter is now blame free :D.

A lot of greens like beans, lettuce, bok choy,  broccoli, peas etc are included in the pyramid.

Margarine has been removed from this new healthy food pyramid , wow!

Whole foods are everywhere in all levels, be it fruits, vegetables , grains or legumes.


Taking about the vegetables, I would have preferred fiber rich and low carbohydrate vegetables much above in the pyramid, not equivalent to legumes. A bit disappointed. Legumes are rich in protein but do have considerable amount of carbohydrate.

Legumes have been mentioned twice- on the bottom with vegetables and on top with lean meat and poultry. Legumes must only be at the bottom.

Soy milk is not as healthy as milk or cheese. It does have protein but we know it’s not natural and does not go well with people suffering from thyroid, pcod etc.

No place for junk food, yess

All in all, Australia’s New Healthy Eating Food Pyramid is pretty good. You can’t expect one drawing to list too many details. I hope this would help a lot of people to identify what foods should form a core of their daily meals. Relative importance of foods is extremely important criteria to plan meals for a healthy life.

What do you think about Australia’s New Healthy Eating Food Pyramid?

Photo courtesy – The Australian Nutrition Foundation

How did you find Australia’s New Healthy Eating Food Pyramid?

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