When Should You Avoid Ginger?

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When Should You Avoid Ginger? Find out!

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Ginger is an answer to a lot of ailments like colds, cough, or digestive problems. However, it has cons also that are not known to many people. It may be hailed in Ayurveda but even this natural form of medication can be a health hazard for people who have certain health conditions. If you have any of the following conditions, you should stop eating ginger right away!

1) Underweight

Ginger is effective in weight loss and that is why many people drink ginger tea to slim down a bit. Ginger helps regulate digestive enzymes in the stomach and reduces appetite. This way you eat less and lose weight. However, what about those who are already way too lean? Those who are underweight with a low BMI can face a lot of issues when they eat ginger. They can face appetite loss, loss of hair, and deficiency of certain vitamins. Some women may even have irregular periods. Those of you who want to gain weight should always try to avoid ginger. I know these kinds of people are rather less in count but they do exist and we should think of them too, right?

2) Blood disorders

Next up are people with blood disorders. Have you heard about one disorder called Haemophilia? It is a rare blood disorder that prevents the blood from clotting. Though blood clots are risky at times they are still required for the well being of your body. When you lose the ability to clot, there can be a lot of bleeding even due to a minor cut or injury.

Ginger is recommended to those who want to improve their blood circulation but it is strict no-no for those who have Haemophilia as they can suffer from severe haemorrhage because of an increase in blood circulation. Ginger is also known to interact with certain life-saving medicines. So, it is better that you talk to your doctor.

3) Pregnancy

Consuming ginger helps pregnant women ease symptoms like weakness and morning sickness. However, the consumption should stop with the initial weeks of pregnancy as ginger is not to be consumed during the last trimester. The reason behind this is that it induces premature contractions and may cause early labour pains which are not good!

4) Individuals on medication

Ginger should be strictly avoided by those who are on medication for high blood pressure and diabetes. Anti-cougulant drugs, beta-blockers and insulin doses when combined with ginger can be harmful. Ginger is a blood thinner by nature and it helps lower blood pressure. These properties can interfere with the mentioned medicines.

How to find a replacement for ginger?

Now coming to food, a lot of people love eating spicy stuff. If you love the zingy flavour of ginger, you can try adding sweet peppers, red paprika and cayenne peppers instead of ginger to your food. These ingredients will definitely help you get the desired zing.

I hope you found this post on when and why you should avoid ginger useful!

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