Awesome Healthy Snacking Ideas!



Awesome Healthy Snacking Ideas!

Hi Guys! How are you? Let’s talk about our favorite thing today, snacking! I know we all love to snack, we just look forward to our snack break, maybe it’s a habit that we acquired from school, and where we use to wait for that bell to ring and share our tiffin! Good old days 🙂

So coming back to our topic, snacking! Since we are on a weight loss journey so snacking should be very wise, or it’s just going to backfire our weight loss plan. So, with the fruits and outs options that we generally get from our dietician and anyone we meet offering weight loss tips (>_<) let me give you a few options too! Three options to be precise and why these three options are great for health. Yea, am one of those win-win persons. So here it goes:


  • Popcorn:

Now who hasn’t heard of popcorn?! We have been having it since our childhood, outside our school, in a theatre, in the comfort of our home! So it’s pretty clear that we aren’t new to it. So what exactly is a popcorn? It’s a type of corn, maize, which expands from the kernels when heated. Now, the way you make a popcorn is all that is important, so if you are thinking lets go get the Act-2 popcorn and have it, then wrong answer! Popcorn which is air popped is the most healthy form, not the popcorn laden in fats! The right way to make popcorn is to make it in an air fryer which is easily available in the market these days or just use some olive oil for a healthy touch. Go for it!


  • Makhana:

Now the lesser popular snack! Makhana that is lotus seeds. These are found anywhere in India and are a healthier version of popcorn, just that they don’t pop, they are roasted. These are very famous in our culture as a fasting food. The way to eat them is various, made into a kheer being the most famous, but the way I like it is roasting them and adding a bit of salt and chat masala! Yum Yum

2080puffed rice

Yet again famous since childhood, we call it Murmura… remember the yummy Bhel? Yup, the main ingredient of a Bhel! We don’t need roast it, toast it or anything, we just open the packet and eat it. We get many types of murmura in the market, different color, different size, so how to choose? Just go for what you like and don’t add the sev, puri or any other fried ingredients to the bhel and you are good to go! Sukha Bhel is really yummy but without the beloved sev it’s just not bhel enough :p So add the roasted channa some peanuts (just 5-7 peanuts) enjoy that!

Now you guys would be thinking why just these three? Well, there are many other options but these three are available easily and easy on the pocket. Also a daily portion of fruit or salad can be very boring, so these options are a great change to our dailies. And if you are not confused as to what to choose among these options, below is the nutritional properties, choose what suites your taste and diet!

Nutritional Facts for 1 Cup
Popcorn Makhana Puffed rice
Calories 60 25 54
Total Fats 3.63g 0.15 g 0.13g
Carbs 6.33g 4.9g 12.29g
Proteins 0.82g 1.17g 0.98g

Hope you like these options and enjoy them as much as I do!

This is Pooja, Ciao!

Did you like these healthy snacking options?

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