Ayushman Bharat Yojna- All We Need To Know About PMJAY


Ayushman Bharat Yojna

All We Need To Know About  -PMJAY-

Let us talk about some positivity when there is corona virus scare spread all over. The recent news about Corona virus and Indian government’s effective steps to control the damage, is indeed praiseworthy. Whatever anyone might say but in the health sector, the government of India has taken some very effective steps. One such step is Ayushman bharat yojna, also known as Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY).

Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) is a health scheme that aims to help economically vulnerable Indians who need healthcare facilities. This scheme aims to make secondary and tertiary healthcare completely cashless. The beneficiaries get an e-card that can be used to avail services at an empaneled hospital, anywhere in the country. It includes 3 days of pre hospitalisation and 15 days of post hospitalisation expenses and the e-card covers Rs. 5 lakh per family, per year.

PMJAY cover in rural areas

The main aim is to protect this sector from debt traps and provide services with yearly assistance of Rs. 5 lakh.

Who is PMJAY available for:

  • People of SC and ST households
  • Families with no male member aged 16 to 59 years
  • Beggars and those surviving on alms
  • Families with no individual aged between 16-59 years
  • Families with at least one physically challenged members and no able-bodied adult member
  • Landless labourers working as casual manual labourers
  • Primitive tribal communities
  • Legally released bonded labourers
  • Families living in houses with no proper roof and walls
  • Manual scavenger families


In urban areas PMJAY is available to:

  • Washerman/ chowkidars
  • Ragpickers
  • Electricians,mechanics, repair works
  • Domestic help
  • Sanitation workers, sweepers, gardeners
  • Home based artisans, tailors
  • Cobblers, hawker
  • Plumbers, masons, porters, welders, painters and security guards
  • Drivers, conductors, helpers, cart pullers
  • Assistants, peons, delivery boys, shopkeepers and waiters

Who are not entitled to PMJAY

  • People with two, three or four wheeler
  • Those who own mechanised farming equipment
  • Those who have kisan cards with credit limit upto Rs. 50000
  • Those employed by the government
  • Those working in government managed non agricultural enterprises
  • Those earning a monthly income above Rs 10000
  • Those owning refrigerators and landlines
  • Those with decent, solidly build houses
  • Those owing 5 acres of agricultural land.

Critical ailments covered under PMJAY

PMJAY covers over 1350 medical packages. Some of them are:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting
  • Double valve replacement
  • Carotid angioplasty with stent
  • Pulmonary valve replacement
  • Skull base surgery
  • Laryngopharyngectomy with gastric pull-up
  • Anterior spine fixation
  • Tissue expander for disfigurement following burns

Some exclusions are:

  • OPD
  • Drug rehabilitation programme
  • Cosmetic related procedures
  • Fertility related procedures
  • Organ transplants
  • Individual diagnostics

Advantages of Ayushman Bharat Yojna (PMJAY)

One can avail medical treatment without any effect on finances. It reduces the risk of debt trap. Ayushman Bharat Yojna (PMJAY) policies can be applied online. Regardless of the policy chosen, one gets nominal premium and protect every aspect of health.

Application process of Ayushman Bharat Yojna (PMJAY)

Here is the process of how you can check if you are eligible:

  • Visit https://www.pmjay.gov.in/ and click on ‘Am I eligible’
  • Enter your contact number and the CAPTCHA code and click on Generate OTP
  • Then select your state and search by name/ HHD number/ration card number/mobile number.
  • Based on the results, one can verify if they are eligible.

Alternatively, one can either visit EHCP or call on call centre number- 14555 or 1800-111-565

Ayushman Bharat Yojna (PMJAY) Patient Card generation

In this scheme, E-card is generated, after your identity is verified at PMJAY kiosk with a document like Aadhar card or ration card. Once the verification is done, e-card is printed with a unique AM-PMJAY ID. This can be used as a proof. 

We at IWB have found that our government has initiated some really effective schemes for common Indians which unfortunately, we are unaware of. Do let us know if you wish to know about other schemes run by our government.

Hope this post has been helpful!

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