Baby Food Diet-Does It Work?


Baby Food Diet-Does It Work?

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Different diets are being devised that aim at weight loss. People are so eager to lose weight that they quickly grab every opportunity offered. And it is right in a way because excess weight can cause a lot of health problems apart from giving overweight people a complex. What is not right is that some people take advantage of the state of overweight people and earn money (I am talking about ineffective slimming pills).

There is a diet called ‘The baby food diet’ that claims to help weight loss. It is one among the several diet plans that promise a thinner waist. Let us see if the baby food diet can actually be effective or not! This post is exclusively meant for this diet plan.

The baby food diet

baby food diet does it work

The idea behind the baby food diet is to eat small jars of baby food in order to control intake of calories. Certain people following this diet eat baby food jars every day as low-calorie snacks whereas others eat baby food to replace 1 or 2 meals of the day.

Is it safe?

Now, the question is whether it works or not. It might be safe to follow this plan as long as you consume sufficient calories and nutrients. It can be okay to have jars of baby food as snacks or to replace meals occasionally, but it is extremely important to consume a variety of food that is full of nutrients. The baby food diet cannot be regarded as a safe diet if you are not getting sufficient calories each day. Even if you are on a low calorie diet you must be consuming a specific number of calories each day.

Baby food diet weight loss

How effective can this diet be?

You will lose weight with any low calorie diet as there is a decrease in the number of calories consumed. Actually, there is no difference between eating baby food and eating small portions of adult food. One valid reason that makes the diet work is that baby food jars are small and this way you can control portions. You may also find them easy to carry around instead of other adult food (that includes fruits and other snacks). Certain baby food dieters feel that since baby food is free from artificial additives and pesticides it is beneficial. But the truth is that this holds good only for organic brands. Normal brands of baby food do have artificial colours and preservatives added to them. Baby food can also be expensive if you are planning to survive on only that.

Coming to the taste point of view, the mushy food meant for babies may not be appealing to adults. It would be better to go in for fresh fruits and veggies to fill you up instead of this diet.

What to do when on the baby food diet?

If you have made up your mind to go in for this diet plan then it would be advisable to keep the following in mind:

  • Talk to your dietician or doctor before following this low calorie diet.
  • Read the labels of the food you consume so that you count calories. This is done to make sure that you consume the right amount of calories. Check the nutritional content of the food too.
  • While on this diet, eat one or two well balanced adult meals in a day.
  • In order to get more protein, vegetables and fruits, choose a variety of baby foods.

The bottom line

Baby food diet a fad diet

The baby food diet is more like a crash diet. You will lose weight but you will end up regaining it once you are back to your usual eating habits. This diet can be called a fad diet. The best way to stay in shape is by eating healthy food that has the right amount of calories. Weight loss happens only when your calorie input is less than the output. This can be achieved only by eating healthy and working out.

Planning to stay away from the Baby Food Diet?


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