Bad Habits You Want To Get Rid Of For Good


Bad Habits You Want To Get Rid Of For Good

This post has been pending since eternity ! We, the IWB team decided that we will pen down bad habits we want to get rid of ! Of course bad habits are like good friends, difficult to leave lol 😛 . As we write, we are preparing ourselves to literally ditch these habits.

You too put down yours and lets see if we can change ourselves for good health and better life 🙂


I desperately in all my sincerity want to ditch my idea of perfection. I have a bad habit of working towards something until I am satisfied that its perfect or tired so much that my brain stops working 😉 . So I either postpone the work thinking I will do it when I have ample amount of time which does not happen at all 🙁 . Last week I did not paint my nails thinking I will do a day before the party and I ended up with bare nails 🙁

On the other hand, I keep working at minor things till they are perfect, needless to say it hampers my sleep and health more often that it should! I really want to drum in my head that baby steps are ok, something is better than nothing, so and so forth !


Hello everybody!! Everyone has at least one bad habit….some have many…I too have defects you know!! I have this bad habit of getting tensed easily. And what do I do when I get tensed? I start avoiding food. 🙁 If I am really tensed about something and the situation is crucial (like exams!!!), I can’t even drink water!! Though my studies are over now and I don’t have to face exams, life is itself an exam and many times larger than the exams I worried about in school and college!

May sound weird to you but this happens to me :(. It may seem like a good weight loss trick to you but it is nothing to rejoice about for me! I am trying to get rid of this habit but what to do… when things become a part of your nature it is hard to throw them out of your life. Agree? Do you have a nature similar to mine?

bad habits


Okay, this time no beating about the bush and no background stories because I want to talk about my biggest weakness, my one of the many bad habits that I want to really get rid of. It is that I eat my feelings and then the feelings eat me up. Not understood? Well, being an emotional fool and getting affected by that emotional overload I make my emotions my biggest enemy.

Though there is no doubt that these emotions only make me different from others; sensitive and affectionate, above all a HUMAN BEING yet I accept the fact that they hurt me worse than my strongest enemy. You know, these emotions of mine; they throw me into a dark deep ditch of expectations and rejection; leading me into a world of sadness and tears, that makes me struggle through a stream of emotional eating (mainly chocolates and all white carbs). finally, I fall with a back breaking thud into a very comforting yet suicidal world of food.

I hate those emotions of mine which drag me down emotionally and physically leaving me in a serious doubt about my being a strong person, and giving that horrible heavy thrust to my numbers on the scale. These enemies of my good mental as well physical health push me inside a dark vicious circle of emotional eating which can be well explained through this picture.

vicious circle of emotional eating.

And now I need to tell myself repeatedly,” Oh! Kannu, Puhleeze…. Don’t do that.”

Do you have any bad habits you want to get rid of ?

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