Bad Running Habits- How To Break Them?

running practice India

Bad Running Habits- How To Break Them?

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Running has become a rage these days. Are you an avid runner? Do you enjoy running? But do you that you may have certain habits that make you lose extra energy and affect your speed? You might even not realize the little things that you do while you run. Since you can’t see yourself 😛 ,try to look at others who are running in the street.

running practice India

You will notice that runners move parts of their body that do not need to be moved. By doing so, they compromise on their ability to increase speed.

Here is a list of the most common bad habits runners have and they can be fixed-

Swinging arms across the body

While running, you should either move forward or backward. Any other kind of motion can sap your energy. Crossing hands across your body’s mid-line is one such mistake. This forces your upper body to work harder and it also makes the legs cross over each other.

How to fix it? – The easiest way to fix this is to know where your arms are. Try keeping your elbows moving front and back and your hands will do the same. Keep your arms relaxed and your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees. It is harder for your arms to cross when they are a little lower.

Looking at the feet

Some runners look at their feet while running. Looking down and running can cut off the valuable oxygen. Try for yourself. Look down while running and breathe in and next look in front of you and breathe in. Feel the difference? Try to look a few feet ahead of you.

Squeezing the fists

When you squeeze your fists, you are putting pressure on your hands that is carried forward to the forearms and shoulders. That pressure travels to all parts of your body. If you don’t happen to have relaxed arms and hands, you feel it in your legs too. When the feeling of tightening up befalls upon you, let the arms fall down to the sides, shake out your hands and relax your shoulders.

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Try increasing your speed every day

In order to become strong and fast, your body just does not need a workout but it needs to take rest. Rest is essential to repair muscle tissue, this what makes you strong over time.

To become faster, you should plan rest days or go easy on the easy days. Going easy does not mean thirty seconds slower than the pace at which you run your race. Even the top runners in the world slow down by 2 ½ minutes and also back off for some days and can still run fast. If they can, so can you.

Bouncing Up and Down

You would have noticed some people bouncing up and down while running. Bouncing up and down will not help you in moving forward. You just need to move horizontally and not up and down in the air. Propel yourself to move forward and not up.

Try to form good running habits so that you can get maximum benefit from this workout. Let the wind blow against your face and feel yourself getting rejuvenated with each stride! Do you get post-run headaches? There is a post just for you click here!

Bad Running Habits, do you have them?

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