What Should You Eat To Balance Blood Sugar?


What Should You Eat To Balance Blood Sugar? Find out!

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Blood sugar problems are on the rise with millions of people either being prediabetic or suffering from type 2 diabetes. These blood sugar issues are the culprits behind heart attacks, strokes and inflammation. That seems to be quite scary!

diabetes- how to control blood suagr levels

What can be done about the rising blood sugar issues? You would be glad to know that they are manageable, reversible and preventable problems. Whether you suffer from blood sugar crashes or have diabetes, the foods you consume have an amazing effect on chaotic blood sugar levels. It is a fact that the food consumed by you will either make you healthier or invite a disease. So, each time you decide to sit down to eat, you have an opportunity to nourish yourself with healing foods. Again I say – Food Is Thy Medicine!

Here’s what you should be doing to balance blood sugar and stop the yo-yoing going around!

1) Eat healthy fats

healthy fats

The human brain is made up of 60% fat. By relying on sugar for energy, you deprive the body of what it is comprised of. So, add in more amounts of healthy fat to your diet. Fat is the most long-lasting energy source for both the body and the brain. You can get your healthy fats from fatty fish, coconut and avocados. Check out more on healthy fats here – Click!

2) Increase your protein intake

protein-rich-foods for weight loss

When you eat protein along with starchy foods, it helps in the slower absorption of the sugars in them and keeps your blood sugar well balanced. Even though protein helps balancing blood sugar, you should not go over-the-top with it. Too much of protein can lead to health issues too! Want to know how much protein you need? Check it out here – click!

3) Consume low fructose fruits

Berrries for diabetics

Want a sweet treat post meal? Don’t turn to desserts or sugary foods. Go in for fruits that are low in fructose such as berries. Keep the blueberries, blackberries and raspberries coming! You can also munch on melons and kiwi.

4) Leafy greens

Foods that lift mood leafy green veggies 2

As starchy vegetables loaded with carbs get easily converted to glucose, it is essential that you stick to non-starchy ones such as dark leafy greens. They are known to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. Additionally, they have lots of B vitamins and folate in them.

5) Spices

Top 10 Indian Spices For Weight Loss

In a country like India, there is no dearth of spices! Throughout the length and breadth of the country you will find the usage of spices in food. They not only add a burst of flavour to your food but also help in keeping blood sugar in check. Studies reveal that consuming cinnamon even minimally can actually help in lowering down your blood sugar. Turmeric, the saviour spice, is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties that are much needed to reduce inflammation. If you are not aware, let me tell you that inflammation in the body can lead to insulin resistance.

Hope you liked reading about foods to balance blood sugar!

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