Importance Of A Balanced Diet For Weight Loss


Importance Of A Balanced Diet For Weight Loss

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Right from childhood  we have heard that we should eat a well balanced diet. I remember the balanced diet charts and images in my textbooks when I was a child! As we grew up why did we forget these basic things? God only knows! Well, I am here to remind you of the little things that are essential for our well-being and also for weight loss. At least the word ‘weight loss’ will give you a reason to read this post!

Balanced diet for weight loss

Why consuming a balanced diet is essential?

A diet that lacks nutrients can result in a lot of health problems ranging from lack of energy and tiredness to serious issues with vital organs. It can also lead to the lack of growth and development.

What is a balanced diet?

A diet that provides the body with all the essential nutrients that are required by the cells, tissues and organs to function properly is called a balanced diet. It is a diet that contains foods from all the major food groups and that too in the right proportion so that the body gets the optimum nutrition. The diet should also be made up of the right number of calories in order to maintain the correct weight. It should have low amounts of processed food. Since every person is different, the correct diet for good health may vary from one person to another. However, when you follow a diet that has variety, covers different food groups and is low in processed stuff, you are on the right track.

Ways to achieve a healthy balanced diet

For a healthy and balanced diet, it is most important to eat a minimum of 3 meals a day and not to skip breakfast at all. Each of your meal should have a variety of food, i.e. there should be foods from each food group. At the same time, portion sizes should be controlled to keep a check on calorie intake. You should also limit your consumption of alcohol. One should balance calorie intake with physical activities and say good bye to a sedentary lifestyle.

The components of a healthy balanced diet


Milk nutrition facts

Include milk, yoghurt and cheese in your diet. Dairy is essential for the calcium needs, protein and vitamin D. Those who don’t consume dairy products can have almond milk or soy milk.


protein-rich-foods for weight loss

You need to get your proteins from lean meat, poultry, fish and for the vegetarians there are beans, lentils, peas, seeds, soya, nuts and eggs. Meat and poultry are a rich iron source and eggs provide lots of vitamins and minerals. Fatty fish has omega three fatty acids to offer.


fruits for detoxification

Fruit is low in calories and high in fibre and this makes it an extremely nutritious choice. Try to have a variety of foods so that you get lots of vitamins and minerals. You can even have dried fruits and fresh fruit juices but it is the best to have whole fruits.


raw veggies

Veggies have a great deal of vitamins and minerals to offer and are low in calories. All this makes them a good option to fill yourself up with. Include different veggies as every veggies has a different vitamin to offer. It would be better to steam or grill your veggies. If you don’t like salads, you should try adding veggies to your sandwiches, or make soups out of them.


carbs weight loss

Grains are a source of a major food group and that is carbohydrates. Grains are what we consume everyday as rice, roti, bread and rice. You should make it a point to use whole grains because they are high in fibre and have more vitamin B. However, you need to steer clear of sugary breakfast cereals that are vouched as healthy.

Fats and oils

ghee does not nake you fat

Our body requires some amount of fat to work properly but it is essential to consume the right amounts of fats. Tarns fats should not be consumed as they are the leading cause of heart trouble. Olive oil and coconut oil are thought to be healthy oils. Desi ghee is thought to be a healthy fat. However, you should remember that fats have high amount of calories so portion control is essential. Other sources of healthy fats are nuts, avocado and fish.

So, that is all folks! I hope that now you know what a balanced diet means!

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