Bani J Underwent The Chinese Cupping Therapy


Bani J Underwent The Chinese Cupping Therapy!

Hello people!

How have you been? Well! Today I am here with a sensational news! The famous VJ, Bani J just posted a pic of here undergoing the Chinese cupping therapy on Instagram with a long post! It is a very painful procedure but has a lot of health benefits. Let us get to know about this therapy.

Bani J Underwent The Chinese Cupping Therapy

What is the Chinese Cupping Therapy exactly?

The cupping therapy is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that was developed 1000s of years ago.

It can be described as something opposite to that of a massage. Instead of applying pressure onto the muscles, suction is used to pull skin, tissue and muscle upwards.

Today, the techniques used in the cupping therapy are modernized but the basic philosophy remains the same. The procedure involves placing bamboo, plastic or glass jars on the skin and creating a vacuum as the air is suctioned out. As a result, the underlying tissue is raised or sucked partially in the cup. The motive of doing so is to improve circulation, relieve pain and remove the heat along with pulling out toxins in the tissues of the body.

The therapy is both relaxing and soothing. The most common area of the body that is chosen for cupping is the back. The procedure works on other fleshy areas of the body too.

Cupping makes the skin turn temporarily red, blue or purple. This can happen when there is an injury or energy blockage under the place that is cupped.

The two most common methods of cupping are fixed cupping and moving cupping.

Fixed cupping

In this procedure, cups are placed on a selected area of the body and are left in place without them being moved.

Moving cupping

In this procedure, the practitioner applies a cream or a massage oil onto the skin in selected places to be treated and puts the cups over them. He or she then slides them around that area of the body and most often it is the back. The cups slide with ease as the cream lubricates the body.

Who should go in for cupping therapy?

You should give this treatment a try if you want to get relief from stress, pain, allergies, flu, fatigue, back pain, colds, fever muscle aches, anxiety and itchy skin conditions.

Right from celebs to athletes, all are into this therapy. However, there are certain precautions that need to be taken during this procedure. Cupping is not for those who bleed very easily or can’t stop bleeding. People with skin ulcers or edema should also not get this done. Cupping over large blood vessels is also a bad idea. Extreme caution should be taken while cupping pregnant women and it should never be done on their abdomen and lower back.

Bani J has definitely given us health goals by undergoing this therapy.

Would you too like to go ahead and give cupping therapy thing a try? If so, do share your views in the comment section below!

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