Barley Water For Weight Loss


Barley Water For Weight Loss

Barley is a cereal grain which is known as ‘Jau” in Hindi. It is packed with vitamins, minerals and has very high fibre content. The grain which was not favoured much earlier has gained a lot of popularity these days owing to its ability to aid weight loss.

Barley helps in reducing symptoms of arthritis. It protects against cancer and keeps diabetes in control. Barley increases level of haemoglobin and helps anemic people. It improves digestion. Barley boosts immunity and maintains health of heart and kidney.

Barley aids digestion and cools down the body. It flushes toxins out of body and cleanses kidneys. It also helps in preventing formation of gallstones in women.

Barley controls blood sugar in check and lowers cholesterol levels. Barley keeps you full for longer and thus reduces cravings.

barley water for weight loss

100 gm of barley contains 354 calories and it may seem a lot. But only 2.3 gm that is 3% come from fat. Each 100 gm of barley has only less than 1 gm sugar and 12 gm protein. These characteristics make it very good food for weight loss.

Barley water is an easy way to consume this grain. Here’s how you can make barley water at home-

Boil barley pearls in water. Keep the ratio of barley to water as 1:3. When barley turns soft, strain it and collect the water. This is the easiest way to prepare barley water. You can drink it daily. For some added flavor, add some lime juice to it. You can also add a little brown sugar to it.

Drinking 3 glasses of barley water daily speeds up the weight loss process. You can drink it like any regular drink. Include barley water in your regime instead of other ‘tasty’ high calorie drinks. And remember that barley water is not same as beer. Even though beer is made of barley, it is high in calories and is not as good for health.

Drink barley water daily and loose weight quickly and healthily.

Do you drink barley water for weight loss?

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