6 Basic Primal Human Movements That You Should Do!


Basic Primal Human Movements

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We humans are made do certain basic movements. They were done by our ancestors but thanks to the modern lifestyle that we are leading, we hardly move around! Most of us are glued to the computer screen the whole day or to the TV screen at home. The basic movements that we should do everyday are lost somewhere!

Let us have a look at the basic primal human movements that we should be doing,


Push up for toned body

A push is not an exercise but instead a category of movement. It includes the push-up, the military press, and bench press. When ranked they will be ranked in the order of best, better and great.

In each human movement category, you would want to do movements that have the maximum return on investment to offer. The push is one such movement. The push –up is the perfect primal exercise that works the trunk stability and the pushing strength of the upper-body. The push-up is a classic gym exercise that strengthens the chest, abs, shoulders and triceps.


Pull-Ups strong forearm exercises

When you think of pulling, you should think about the pull-up as there is not anything better to get a strong and muscular back. Don’t get frustrated if you are unable to do even a single rep of the pull-up. And please pay no heed to the humbug that ‘females cannot do pull-ups’. Women can and should do pull-ups.


kettlebell benefits workout

Hinging is one movement that is under-practiced but is tremendously useful!

The most amazing fat-chopping device is the kettlebell swing. Hinging is by default the movement pattern to pick up stuff from the ground.

If you are an athlete, you can produce a lot of force from a hinge. Just think of a sprinter on the starting line before the gun or a jumper before the leap. Both the actions are strong and come out of a hinged position.

Dead lift is one very common hinging pattern. The dead lift strengthens both the back and the hips. While doing the dead lift, make sure that you keep your back flat and hips below your shoulders but above your knees.


burn 200 cal in 20 mnts squats

The squat is one essential pattern of human movement. It is known to keep your hips supple and knees strong. The squat is also a natural rest position, which means that you should be able get into the squat position and sit comfortably for long periods of time.

When you have the mobility, it would be effortless to get into the squat position. Squat works wonders for the hips, knees and back.


Farmer's walk strong forearms exercise

‘Carrying’ is a primal movement pattern that is useful for lifting heavy objects. It is something that everybody should do, but the sad part is that most people don’t do it. Carrying helps in reinforcing the right posture that is often neglected. It also strengthens one’s grip; very little attention is paid to finger and forearm strength.


Gait refers to the manner of moving on foot, which includes walking and sprinting. It is said that you should be moving slowly very often and move fast occasionally. Jogging has very little benefits to offer. So, you should keep yourself in the two ends of the velocity spectrum instead of staying in the middle, i.e. jogging.

So, move around and stay active. After all, you were meant to be so!

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