Beginner’s Guide To Meditation-Practical Steps

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Beginner’s Guide To Meditation-Practical Steps

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We all need to have our own solitude time. One such time for me is during meditation. I am a beginner in Yoga and meditation and perhaps will always be. I do few yoga asanas while stretching, Yoga is not a workout but a post workout regime for me.

Meditation is ‘Me’ time! It’s the time when for a few minutes I don’t talk for a change: P . Trust me, it’s difficult for me to not talk or type on my phone/tab/laptop etc. Being an extrovert, meditation is the time I need, to reflect inside.

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I am no expert but I have managed to learn mediation from various sources. I think I am in a position to guide newbies a little about meditation!

Where to start?

First of all, you need to identify your purpose to meditate. Meditate has huge power to completely transform your personality. For a beginner, its best to identify purpose to meditate but keep expectations low. Like they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. When I started meditating, I knew I need time for my own self, to reflect inside my thoughts and my life!

What do you need?

To start meditating, you just need a place which remains undisturbed for at least half an hour. Beginners would be able to meditate only for 5-8 minutes in the beginning but that’s a good start. With practice, you can easily meditate for 20 minutes which is a good enough time.

When can you meditate?

There is no ideal time, our ancestors believed that sunrise time (praatah kaal) is the best time since you wake up fresh in the morning. But who wakes up so soon nowadays? If you can, well and good otherwise choose a time when you have silence around. It’s better to choose a convenient time and try, rather than just hoping to wake up early morning one day.

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What are the pre-requisites to meditate?

  • Empty stomach helps to focus better, so eat 2 hours before mediation.
  • If you smoke, please refrain from doing so at least 1 hour before meditation.
  • Use a straight back chair so that you don’t fall off to sleep. I started using chair, now I can mediate on bed as well.
  • Dim your lights always, if you mediate during the day.
  • A timer is a must for beginners.

How to begin meditation?

When you are all set to meditate, set your timer to 20 minutes and dim the lights. Sit in your chair and place your hands in your lap. Breathe in and breathe out.

Repeat breathing, drop your shoulders and relax.

Feel your hands. If you are a right handed person, you will connect to your right hand in a better way. Feeling your organs is like focusing on them.

Feel your one hand. Feel your thumb and all the fingers. Now feel another hand and all the fingers. While doing so, focus only on your hands and fingers and forget what is happening outside. If you are not able to feel your hands, move your hand and fingers a bit and try again.

Continue this process till you feel both hands and all fingers.

The next phase would be a bit difficult for beginners. If you are able to follow, then it’s great otherwise try next time you sit to meditate. Some day you will make it.

Focus on your heart or your forehead. It’s said that emotional people get most benefited by focusing on their heart. I meditate by focusing on my forehead. When you focus on your heart or forehead, you will see complete darkness which will slowly fade away with a dim light. Focus on that light. You may find that your attention shifts back to hands and then heart/forehead which is completely fine. Focus on your hands again and then back to heart/forehead.

When you are focusing on your hand/forehead/heart, it’s absolutely normal that some thought comes in your mind. Do not judge it, think and then again be aware of your hands and start afresh. You will go through this cycle multiple times while meditating. But every time, when you are aware, your min will be like a quiet pond, no wind, no waves! It’s a blissful state that you would experience nowhere.

When your timer buzzes, don’t pounce on it. Quietly open your eyes and switch the timer off and look around. You may feel something changed around you. Keep sitting for a while and then you can move.

Notice how you feel. Do you feel more relaxed, less stressed?

Try meditating and share your experience with me 🙂 . I will be happy to help if you need!

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