7 Health Benefits Of Abdominal Massage


Health Benefits Of Abdominal Massage

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Did you read about the method of doing an abdominal massage? If you have missed it, you can read it here! This is part two of the post on abdominal massage and I am going to cover its health benefits. Keep reading!

Benefits of Abhyanga-Ayurvedic self massage

This massage can heal ailments like bloating and constipation. If performed regularly, abdominal massage can provide lifelong wellness.

Check out the health benefits of abdominal massage

1) Aids Weight loss

Abdominal massage is known to aid weight loss, not just by getting rid of waste by eliminating constipation but by promoting proper digestive and metabolic function. In individuals who are struggling to lose weight, have these two systems running at a slower pace in spite of proper diet and regular workouts.

2) Reduces in bloating

How To Control Bloating

You feel bloated when your metabolism gets impeded in some way. Doing abdominal massage can help regulate the metabolic function and reduce the waste build-up in the body that contributes to bloating. Thus, with this massage you can get rid of uncomfortable bloating.

3) Cures constipation

As per research published, abdominal massage can provide an all-natural relief from the troubling constipation and the pain in the belly associated with it. With the help of daily abdominal massaging, you can get rid of existing constipation and also prevent it from recurring.

How To Curb Constipation On Low Carb Lifestyle

4) Improves gastrointestinal wellness

Tummy massage can help in issues like bloating and constipation but doing this massage regularly can also help in maintaining a good gastrointestinal health over a long term. When you increase the stimulation of blood flow to the abdominal region and physically stimulate your intestines, you can help keep your digestive system running absolutely fine. So, add abdominal massage to your daily routine.

5) Improves menstrual symptoms

According to recent research, doing abdominal massage with aromatherapy oils like cinnamon, clove, lavender and rose is helpful in reducing painful cramps associated with periods. It can also reduce heavy menstrual bleeding when it is performed when done during a week before the expected date of menstruation. You can try using a few drops of the mentioned essential oils and can mix with it with a tablespoon of carrier oil while performing the massage. See, if the method is of help to you. Read more about aromatherapy here!

palmarosa oil health benefits

6) Provide psychological benefits

Abdominal massaging can not only contribute to various aspects of physical wellness but also to psychological well-being. Just like other forms of massage, people have found that this massage provides a lot of peace of mind and relieves stress. When you can eliminate physical ailments and make your body feel better with this massage, you can even make your mind feel good!

7) Tones abdominal muscles

bipasha basu abs

Pushing your abdominal muscles two times a day can help in improving abdominal muscle tone. You read that right! This massage could actually help in tightening your tummy and providing a lot of health benefits.

So, you would have understood by now that there are many perks of abdominal massaging and it is so simple to do it. Even the most occupied person in the world can spare the time to do it twice daily. Practicing it daily will make it another natural healing method and will help you in staying healthy.

Hope you found this post on benefits of abdominal massage useful!

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