Mindblowing Benefits Of Apricot Kernel Oil For The Skin And Hair

apricots benefits

Mindblowing Benefits Of Apricot Kernel Oil For The Skin And Hair

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Apricot kernel oil is a light oil that is obtained from the kernels or seeds of the apricot fruit. It is a great massage oil due to its lightness and its ability to make the skin soft. Apricot oil is quite similar to almond oil and so are its applications. Apricot kernel oil is mentioned in Traditional Chinese Medicine too.

apricot oil benefits for skin and hair

The oil is obtained from the kernels of apricot either by the solvent extraction method or by the cold pressed method. Cold pressed oil is much better as it does not alter the compounds present in the oil of the apricot kernel. Go in for organic, cold pressed oil which is of high quality.

Properties of apricot kernel oil

  • Emollient- Apricot seed oil is a great moisturizer.
  • Anti-inflammatory– When applied topically, it can reduce inflammation.
  • Anti-aging- It fights the signs of skin aging
  • Anti-bacterial- The oil is antibacterial in nature
  • Anti-septic- It reduces the chances of infection in open cuts and wounds
  • Anti-oxidant– It prevents the skin from getting damaged by free radicals.

Here are the mind blowing health benefits of apricot kernel oil

1) It is good for the skin

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People with sensitive skin will find apricot kernel oil really good. It is a non-irritant and is soothing in nature for the skin. Being light, it quickly makes the skin smooth and soft. The oil gets deep into the skin and is easy to apply as it spreads well. It helps in soothing irritated skin. A massage with this oil is good for those with a dry skin. You can use it after a bath in order to seal in the skin’s moisture. It provides a long term moisturization without being too oily.

This oil is the best carrier oil for a massage. As it penetrates the skin well, it improves the delivery of essential oils. Apricot kernel oil is also good for absorbing the essence of herbs.

2) It is good for the hair

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Many people around the world love using apricot oil for hair care. When the oil is applied to hair shafts, it helps in detangling the hair. The oil helps in reducing dry scalp problems, promotes hair growth as it contains nutrients like vitamin E. It provides shiny hair without a greasy feel. If used as a hot oil treatment, it conditions the hair. The hair gets softened, to make then easy to comb and more manageable.

3) It is used as an under eye cream

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Apricot can just be applied like almond oil for healing the skin under the eyes. It reduces puffiness and dark circles around the eyes along with strengthening the skin in the region. When you apply this oil on a regular basis, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes.

4) It is a great face oil

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Apricot kernel oil works well as a face oil when compared to the other heavy oils. It helps improve skin tone, nourishes the skin and lowers the signs of aging like wrinkles, blemishes and lines. However, those who are suffering from acne or have a skin that is prone to acne should avoid using this oil. This is because the oil is mildly comedogenic and can clog the pores of the skin. This can lead to blackheads and acne breakouts.

Are you going to use apricot kernel oil for your skin and hair health?

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