Benefits Of Cabbage In Weight Loss


Benefits Of Cabbage In Weight Loss

Cabbage may not be one of favourite foods but it is more beneficial for you than you think. Cabbage is available year round these days but best cabbages come in winter. You must eat them at least when they are seasonal for the best of your health.

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Once you read these benefits of cabbage in weight loss, it will definitely become one of your preferred foods-

Low In Calories

Cabbage is quite low in calorific value. 100 g of cabbage contains only 25 calories. The consumption of cabbage will fill you but will not load your system with extra calories.

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Zero Cholesterol

Cabbage has no cholesterol. It means that when you eat cabbage, your heart does not need to bear the burden. Foods with low cholesterol are great for weight loss.

Good Amount Of Fibres

Fibres are friends of digestive system. Every 100 g of cabbage contains 10% fibre. This fibre helps in stimulating metabolism which in turn keeps you slim. Fibre keeps you free from constipation so you feel energetic to exercise as well.

Lactic Acid

Cabbage has lactic acid that heals sore muscles. So now when you have sore muscles after an intense workout session, you know where to look for relief. Lactic acid keeps your muscles healthy.

So people! Substitute your regular high calorie foods with cabbage. The same amount of food will give you way less calories. You can have cabbage soup or make its juice too. IWB has many low carb cabbage recipes that you can check out here.

Did you know these benefits of cabbage in weight loss?

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