Amazing Benefits Of Chanting


Benefits Of Chanting

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Most often people relate chanting with religion and spirituality. Yes, it is an inseparable part of religion but there is more to it than that. Chanting is a combination of breath, sound and rhythm that helps in channelizing your energy. The mantras you chant have a psychological as well as a physiological effect on the body.  No wonder why the elders make sure that we learn to chant mantras from a very early age! Everything that has been passed on to us from one generation to another has a meaning.  Here are some ways by which chanting can improve your physical as well as mental health.

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Health benefits of chanting

1) Improves immunity

Chanting some mantras tends to put pressure in the tongue, lips, vocal chords, palate and other connecting points. The vibration from the mantra is known to stimulate the hypothalamus which is a gland. It regulates several body functions including immunity and secretion of hormones that keep you happy. The happier you are the stronger is your immunity.

2) Keeps your mind calm down

Certain vibrating sounds of mantras help in stimulating the hormones that calm down the mind and relax the body. Chanting is said to help you concentrate and works as a tranquilizer for the mind.

3) Vedic mantras help balance the chakras

Chanting mantras is said to stimulate the chakras of the body or energy centres. Different energy centres are helpful enabling different organs of the body to function smoothly. At times the alignment of the chakras can go haywire. The best way to align them is by chanting. This way you will keep your body free of diseases.

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4) Improves concentration and learning

According to studies and experts, those who chanted mantras had better concentration and an improved learning power. This is because when you chant, the resulting vibration helps in activating the chakras present on your face and head that are responsible for memory and concentration.

5) Keeps heart healthy

Chanting a mantra is said to drastically calm a person and slows down the process of breathing. It regularizes the heart beat and keeps the heart healthy.

6) Helps in reducing stress

Chanting helps in beating stress and the problems related to it. Regular chanting helps in reversing the damage done to your body by stress. At times, when you feel too worked up, chanting is a great idea.

7) Wards off depression

Vedic mantras are known to give a person a lot of relief from stress, making them feel relaxed. The vibrations from chanting help the body in releasing relaxing hormones thereby warding off depression.

8) Increases radiance of skin

The vibrations are said to trigger vital points on your face that helps in improving blood circulation and getting rid of toxins. The breathing pattern of chanting oxygenates your skin, makes it look younger and lets it glow.

So many health benefits! Well, I think you should learn a mantra and start chanting it soon! It can be a part of your daily routine. I know many people who begin their day with chanting mantras and are able to stay calm and composed throughout the day.

Hope this post of the benefits of chanting has been useful!

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