Top 6 Benefits Of Circuit Training

circuit training and weight loss

Top 6 Benefits Of Circuit Training

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Have you ever tried a hand at circuit training? Circuit training involves doing one exercise for 30 secs to 5 mins and then moving on to another exercise. It is something similar to the game of musical chairs! At times people alternate between an aerobic activity and a muscle-strengthening activity.

circuit training and weight loss

Let us discuss the benefits of circuit training

1) You get maximum results in minimum time

Let us face it, you don’t have hours to spend in the gym everyday! Circuit training seems to be a perfect workout for those who have a time crunch. You can set as many stations as you wish to (Stations are places where an exercise is done) and continue through working out till you run out of time. You will be able to fit in an effective workout for the whole body irrespective of whether you have 15 mins or 1 hour at hand.

2) It challenges your whole body

Circuit training enables you to work out every major and minor muscle group as you have individual stations as a part of the circuit for the whole body. This leaves little room for wandering around the gym floor and not doing your workout whole heartedly.

3) It mixes cardio and strength training

You love doing cardio but you know that you should be doing strength training too. This forces yourself to carry out an entire workout that you don’t enjoy and this can be tedious and may result in you skipping it altogether! Circuit training offers a perfect mix of both the worlds by letting you combine high intensity cardio intervals along with weight lifting. Thus providing you with a great workout!

4) It speeds up your metabolism

Due to the bnenefits of HIIT and weight lifting, circuit training helps soar your metabolism. You will burn more number of calories in 20 minutes while doing circuit training than you would do while working out on an elliptical. Additionally, the afterburn effect will make you burn calories for two whole days after your workout is done!

5) You won’t waste time

Waiting for your favourite gym machine or trying to run away from your chatty gym friend sitting at the dumbbell area can easily kill your motivation. With circuit training, you can keep changing your station and end up with a great workout.

6) It lets you try all the latest fitness tools

Forearm plank 6 exercises with the BOSU ball

Have you loved a new gym equipment but didn’t know how t use it for an entire workout. Circuit training solves that problem as it lets you use latest gym tools like TRX, Bosu, kettlebells in short bits so that you get comfortable with them even if you can’t do a full flashed workout with them.

The only drawback of circuit training

Circuit training requires a lot of equipment and space. You also need to be a good sport and let others also to workout with the gym equipments. You just should not monopolize half the equipment on the weight floor.

The bottom line

Doesn’t circuit training sound like a lot of fun?? Do give it a try when you hit the gym! It is wonderful for those who don’t have sufficient time and for those who want to mix cardio with weight training. Get moving!!

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