Benefits Of CLA and MusclePharm CLA Core Review


Benefits Of CLA and MusclePharm CLA Core Review

I have been yo-yoing the weighing scales; never thought weight management is a tough task. The more I am careful, the weightier I look. I have very critical eyes for myself.  Anyhow, I have started taking the CLA supplements. I remember taking them in way back 2012 to maintain weight and help me get additional dose of Essential Fatty Acids.

Let me first give you some gyan to what this CLA is:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) as it is known is a naturally-occurring fatty acid found in meat, dairy, and safflower oil. CLA is supposed to help you in weight loss, maintain muscle mass which helps in substituting the fats. Therefore, leaner and thinner!

Benefits Of CLA and MusclePharm CLA Core Review

Benefits Of CLA and MusclePharm CLA Core Review

So imagine, you consuming all that meat, dairy and oils to get you required doze of CLA,  that may be a little daunting for weight watchers. CLA is thus an answer to this, all essential fatty acids in one pill.

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1. Little did you hear CLA helps converting body fat into muscle

Yes you heard it, I have been using it since a long time now, I don’t see weighing scale going lower, but I feel leaner, I exercise and have a good diet in my terms, homemade food, with lots of veggies. I am a vegetarian, so that really helps me.

 2. CLA control diabetes-whoa what?

Using CLA with a diabetes friendly diet can improve existing diabetes and even prevent adult-onset diabetes. CLA helps those with diabetes by improving the movement of glucose into cells, which assists in lowering insulin levels.

 3. Heart Disease Prevention- kidding me?

CLA helps in lowering bad cholesterol in the body. Now Cholesterol is found in Animal products only, but we have to differentiate between good and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol, better known as LDL, deposits itself in the body’s arteries when there is not enough good (HDL) cholesterol to metabolize and dispose of LDL cholesterol.

Thus, take a chill pill!

 4. Studies suggest saying bye bye to Cancer

In recent studies, CLA showed promise in fighting breast, lung and prostate cancers by blocking the three stages or development of cancer cells, which are initiation, promotion and progression.

I don’t know whether there are any substantial side effects, but I often get a bowel kick! Initially I experienced frequent bowel moments, but now, it does not happen. I have normal movement, just the fact I feel really hungry in the mornings, my husband tells me I have big big worms! L

Side effects, if any

Well no real substantial things I have experienced, But yes if anyone has PCOD/thyroid please don’t consume any supplements without your doctor’s approval. Also, I have heard that it seldom lowers immunity to Insulin resistance.

Till then, keep fit and keep working out!

Let us know if you have tried CLA supplements. Sharing is caring 🙂