Benefits Of Curd-9 Reasons To Eat Curd Everyday


Benefits Of Curd-9 Reasons To Eat Curd Everyday

Heya people!!!

Punjabis love curd with yummy paranthas. I regret to say I am no different: D . I love curd with pulaao as well. And here I go again drooling over food. In my mind I am telling myself all this yummy food is a demon, stay away !!
Anyway back to topic, I meant curd 😛 . I think I consume two big bowls of curd every day, which is about 400-500 grams. Curd is a life savior for people who don’t like milk 🙂

The Best Midnight Snacks For Your Cravings curd

Benefits Of Curd-9 Reasons To Eat Curd Everyday

1) Curd has millions of bacteria that are great for gut health. Gut is a place in the body where our food gets digested. So for good digestion and health, gut should be kept happy and given all the care it needs.

2) Curd is great for all stomach problems. If you have upset tummy, have a bowl of curd with rock salt, it helps.

3) Curd minimizes risk of high BP. It regulates blood pressure for good.

4) Curd is great for lactose intolerant people, like I mentioned before. You won’t be devoid of nutrients if you eat curd but don’t drink milk

5) Curd is great for people suffering from diarrhea.

6) Daily consumption of curd helps to increase body’s immunity and your chances of falling sick will reduce. Curd thus contributes to your wellbeing.

7) Curd is great for women, it helps to reduce vaginal infection.

8) Curd has ample amount of calcium since it is derived from milk. Thus, curd strengthens your teeth and bones.

9) Daily intake of curd increases capacity of your body to absorb nutrients from the food you eat. This means that curd not only provides nutrients, it helps you absorb more from rest of foods as well. Do you need more reasons to eat curd?

How to include curd in your diet?

Curd with a pinch of salt tastes great. If you are not looking to shed weight, sweet curd – our very special Mishti Dahi is the most delicious way to have curd. You could also have mix veg raita (curd with chopped onion, tomato, cucumber, salt and red chilli). Pineapple raita is also a good option.

Chaas for healthy gut
For people who are looking to lose weight, curd is a great snack. It’s a good post workout meal as well. One trick of making your tummy full is to add water to curd and have it as buttermilk. You can have buttermilk twice or even thrice a day.
I am also fond of Kadhi which is famous gram flour and curd preparation. Instead of pakodas, I put boiled eggs in Kadhi. Check out this recipe of Kadhi with boiled eggs. It is filling and super yummy.
If you have cold or cough, you can still have curd if it is not sour. Do not refrigerate curd in that case, it tastes pretty decent even if it is at room temperature.



Will you now eat curd everyday?

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