4 Benefits Of Eating Seasonal Food

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Benefits Of Eating Seasonal Food

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With the changing weather across the globe, the availability of fresh produce also changes. Every season offers a variety of fresh produce that is great to start experimenting with in the kitchen. Seasonal veggies and fruits are not just delicious but are loaded with health benefits.

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Check out the benefits of eating seasonal food:

1) Seasonal produce tastes better

The taste of seasonal fruits and veggies is better than the non-seasonal variety. Fresh fruits are sweeter and perfectly ripe. Fruits and veggies that are naturally ripened on the tree and harvested at the right moment will have more nutrition and flavour in them.

The story is different for produce that travels from far away to reach you. They would have been harvested early and chilled down so that they don’t get spoiled in transportation. The chilling makes the produce lose its flavour. When they reach the destination, they are heated to ripen them artificially before they hit the market. The flavour is lost and the texture is changed this way.

2) Seasonal produce is cheaper

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The cost of the produce reduces when the farmers harvest a huge amount of the produce because it is in season. Seasonal fruits and veggies have less travelling and no storage expenses thus reducing the production cost even more. On the other hand purchasing produce that is not in season can be expensive as they are sourced from far away locations with a different climate and are stored for long periods. A big reason to buy local and eat seasonal.

3) Seasonal produce has higher nutritional value

Seasonal produce when consumed closer to harvesting has higher nutritional value when compared to non-seasonal produce sourced from far away. Vitamin C, carotenes and folate is said to rapidly reduce in fruits and veggies when they are stored for long periods of time. Some grocers may also buy out of season produce that has been radiation treated, gassed or preserved in wax to extend shelf life.

4) Seasonal produce doesn’t have overseas contaminants

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When fruits and veggies sourced from far away (overseas) you are not be aware of their pesticides, herbicides and fungicides regulations. While some chemicals are banned in some countries, they are used freely in another. Soil contamination is another issue. Certain agricultural lands have very high toxic contaminants and heavy metal because of nearby industrial sites. This can cause diseases in those who consume the produce grown in such soil. To avoid these issues, it is better to eat seasonal produce bought locally. See, there are so many benefits of eating seasonal food procured from nearby!

What you can do?

If you want to enjoy certain fruits and veggies even after they are out of season, you can buy bulk of them when they are in season and then preserve, pickle or freeze them at your own home. You can do this for mangoes, berries and the like. Buy huge batches of them and store them in your freezer. This way you know where the produce is from and can be stress-free as it is totally free of chemicals. However, it is better to enjoy the goodness of fresh and seasonal fruits and veggies bought locally.

Hope this post on the Benefits Of Eating Seasonal Food has been useful!

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