Benefits Of Exercise On Your Work Life


Benefits Of Exercise On Your Work Life

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The benefits of exercise are not just limited to health or physical aspects. It goes much beyond that. Exercise can play an important role in your work life too! The sad part is that most people are so busy working that they hardly have any time to exercise. Hop on to find the benefits exercise has to offer related to your work life.

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Makes one alert

When you exercise, the flow of blood to the brain increases. This helps you stay alert and focused at your work place. The long-term benefit you get from exercise is that it prevents cognitive decline and keeps your mind sharp.

Keeps energy levels high

It is a common notion that exercising will bring your energy levels down. But the opposite of it is true. Exercise is known to boost overall levels of energy and this helps you in completing your work without getting exhausted.

Helps in management of time

Time management and task prioritization aren’t just skills learnt by you. They are affected by physical activity. Exercising releases a hormone called endorphin in the body. Endorphins affect the area in the brain that governs time management and task prioritization. So, this means that exercising helps you carry out your tasks at work more efficiently.

Perks up mood

Along with triggering the release of endorphins, exercise also releases serotonin in the brain. This way exercising prevents depression, boosts your mood and helps you work all day long without getting irritated or cranky.

Boosts creativity

According to a study, a short walk during office hours can help in boosting your creativity. It would be a good idea to have a walk during tea breaks or lunch hours. You can even ask your colleague to discuss matters with you while strolling outdoors (only if your superior permits 😛 )

Boosts brain power

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Exercising helps in boosting your memory and brain power along with providing mental clarity. When you are physically more productive only then you can be productive at work.

Increases confidence

Exercising regularly has a big role to play when it comes to boosting your self confidence and self assurance. Self confidence is a big factor that decides the fate of your professional life. In today’s world all employers want people who have a high level of self confidence in them.

Conquers anxiety

If you get anxious about making presentations or speaking in front of people, you can overcome it with the help of exercise. According to a study done, it was found that just 20 minutes of Yoga or any kind of exercise can help in calming down your nerves. Yoga has been viewed to be more effective though! Try it to survive well in the corporate jungle you are living in.

Reduces stress

Stress Management  8 Ways To Reduce Stress (2)

Where there is work pressure, there will be stress! You just have to find ways to reduce it. Exercise comes to the rescue here. Doing any type of exercise helps in reducing stress. You will be able to build better relationships with your colleagues, seniors and juniors. Thus, by exercising you will enhance the quality of your work life.

Boosts immunity

Regular exercise boosts immunity and physical health. When the immunity of your body is high, you will be less susceptible of contracting diseases. The lesser you fall sick, the more productive you will be at work. Moreover, you will take lesser sick leave!

Maintains work-family balance

You would have read about the importance of maintaining a balance between work and family but is difficult to achieve. Exercising will help you achieve this goal. According to a study published, exercise improves the ability to get things done. This will help you in managing work and home in a more effective manner.

Hope you will squeeze in some time for your workouts after reading the benefits on exercising on your work life.

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