Top 5 Benefits Of Expressing Gratitude


Top 5 Benefits Of Expressing Gratitude

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Are you thankful for all that you have in life? Or you are someone who always finds faults with the things in life. It is something like asking whether the glass is half full or half empty. The answer to the question is totally dependent on one’s perception. Just pause for a second and think about the importance of gratitude. If you have clothes on your back, a well-fed belly and a great family to support you in every situation, you should be happy and at the same time thankful about it.

Gratitude-which means thankfulness is strongly linked to greater happiness and better physical and mental health according to Harvard Medical School. Gratitude brings in positive emotions, makes one relish good experiences, improves health, helps them deal better with adversity and also assists in building strong relationships.

According to studies here are some ways in which gratitude can impact the lives of individuals. Being grateful has the following benefits:

1) Physically healthier

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A recent study has found that those who were grateful for what they have and who they are were more hopeful in life and at the same time physically healthy. People who reported that they are being more grateful also report that they have fewer aches and pains and are more inclined to go to the doctor and take care of themselves.

This can be passed off as a by-product of happiness but this isn’t the case always. Several studies have shown that when people actually spare the time to list down the things they are grateful for, they feel mentally and physically better than those who don’t do so. Gratitude can be a causal agent of well being and remove negative emotions.

2) Better sleep quality

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At the end of day, doing a task as simple as writing down a list of things you are thankful for can also help you sleep better. Try it out once, if you don’t believe it. This is scientifically backed. In a study it has been found that people who express gratitude more often slept better and even for more number of hours than those who didn’t.

3) Boosts self-esteem

In a 2014 study, it was found that athletes who happened to express more gratitude towards their coaches and even otherwise had a higher self esteem than those who were not as openly thankful.

4) Increase in empathy and helpfulness

In a 2006 study it was found that people who expressed more gratitude were also more inclined towards helping others out. Such behaviour is directly linked to greater happiness.

benefits of expressing gratitude- helpful

When people are thankful about things in life, their empathy also grows. In another study it was found that higher levels of gratitude were directly linked to lower aggression and greater empathy. Researchers of the study revealed that gratitude motivates people to express concern for others and makes them sensitive.

5) Increase in resilience

In one study, scientists found that Vietnam war soldiers who had higher levels of gratitude were resilient i.e. tough and were less impacted by the post-traumatic stress disorder. In another study, people who maintained something called ‘gratitude journals’ had a greater sense of well being and had a positive mood in comparison to those who didn’t maintain those journals.

So, try being grateful in life!



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