Top 7 Benefits Of Foot Reflexology


Top 7 Benefits Of Foot Reflexology

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It is a well known fact that getting a short foot massage done every now and then can help you relax especially if you have been standing up and walking around all day long! A foot massage is something that everyone enjoys, but do you know that it has a lot more benefits to offer than mere relaxation and relieving of pain?

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There are different kinds of massage techniques that include: the traditional technique that focuses on relaxing the joints and muscles, acupressure that acts on specific pressure points, aromatherapy that uses essential oils to act upon multiple senses, and reflexology that helps in improving the function of internal organs by massaging specific areas of the foot.

Let us have a look at benefits of foot massage that are backed by actual scientific research. The benefits are either immediate or are seen after a few weeks with as little as 2 to 3 sessions per week.

  1. Improves circulation of blood

Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle it has become habitual for us to not use our muscles on a regular basis. The foot muscles hardly get any exercise and are often impaired by shoes that are not comfortable. Just 10 to 20 minutes of massaging before hitting the bed can help in improving the circulation of blood which is essential for diabetes patients.

  1. Prevents foot and ankle injuries

Massaging can reduce muscle soreness, joint pain and recovery after an injury. Combining massage with foot and ankle strengthening exercises along with stretching can prevent injuries and at the same time can speed up the recovery of existing injuries.

  1. Reduces depression and anxiety

Studies done on the effects of reflexology show that this kind of a foot massage is not just limited to providing a feeling of relaxation during the massage. Frequent sessions have been known to reduce anxiety levels, especially in cancer patients. The techniques can be learned fast and they can serve as an effective way of warding off depression and anxiety.

  1. Provides relief from migraines and headaches

According to one study, persons suffering from headaches and migraines showed immense improvement after getting reflexology treatments. The test subjects had stopped consuming medication and after completing their treatments for 3 months, 65% were facing reduced symptoms while a small number of them got cured!

  1. Helps lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is common these days. It can be due to stress, unhealthy diet or due to environmental factors and genetics. A 10 minute foot massage session thrice a week results in improved mood and lower blood pressure. Isn’t it sounding like a good way to deal with high blood pressure?

  1. Helps those with flat feet

People who have flat feet don’t have a normal foot arch. Though it doesn’t affect the person much but some individuals may have foot pain after even a mild physical exertion. Regular massage with foot exercise can help in lessening the pain and probably even cure this condition.

  1. Helps in alleviating PMS and menopause symptoms

During PMS, the most common symptoms include feelings of unhappiness, sadness, anxiety, irritability, tension, insomnia, headaches, fatigue and mood swings. These symptoms can be bid goodbye with daily foot massages during that period. Similarly, women of menopausal age who suffer from hot flashes and depression can find relief with regular massages.

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So, foot massages are good for both mental health and physical health. Though professional massages can be expensive, they are effective. You can learn the technique from online videos. It just takes 10 to 20 minutes on a few days a week and you can stay fit!

Will you try foot massages after knowing the benefits of foot reflexology?

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