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Freeze eggs

What are exactly the benefits of freezing eggs?

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Today I wish to discuss a very important subject related to women and freezing of eggs. As we know today’s lifestyle defy nature.Women choose partners late which means delayed pregnancy.The older one gets it’s difficult for a women to conceive.

Freeze eggs, Benefits of freezing eggs

Benefits of freezing eggs

A lot of women in their 30s and 40’s suffer from disappointment. Why? When women plan to conceive at a later stage, chances of infertility occur. Though 20-30 is the best time for a woman to conceive it’s not always the choice of a parent to have a pregnancy at that age for various reasons. Since the age of pregnancy has risen to 40’s and beyond today, there are solutions to help as well.We have seen and read in recent times many Hollywood and Bollywood actors as well as many socialites have given birth to a child at an older age through freezing of eggs. It is slowly catching up with regular people too. Many of us still don’t get it how this works! So when the clock is ticking,what options do you have?Here it goes;

Why freeze eggs?

Fertility options, Benefits of freezing eggs

By freezing healthy human eggs that have been harvested from an individual who is still relatively young, a woman can postpone trying to have her first child for a few years and then try to conceive through in vitro fertilization when she is older. While some women welcome the newfound freedom such a procedure provides, medical experts are divided on the issue and some have warned that it only encourages women to delay giving birth.

Benefits of Egg Freezing;

  1. Empowerment -Egg- freezing allows a woman to balance her concerns, and pursue motherhood at a time in their life when it works for her and doesn’t involve sacrifices in other aspects of her life. It helps her make balanced and informed decisions about herself and what she wants in her life.If she wishes to have a child late, she can freeze her eggs at a younger age and then use it when the right time comes
  2. Control –Whether you want to have a child or not its totally your decision.As a fertility specialist, one of the most difficult parts is dealing with women who simply had no idea of their fertility health, and who now have very little control over whether they are able to conceive a much wanted child. Egg- freezing offers a chance to take that control, as if around 12 eggs are frozen before a woman is 36 with the latest vitrification (fast freezing) technology, her chance of having a baby post-41 can rise from around 10% to 50%.
  3.  Education & Awareness- A family history of early menopause, previous ovarian surgery, smoking, taking steroids, or endometriosis of the ovaries can all negatively affect egg quantity and quality. Self-education on your fertility prospects is central to protecting yourself from future disappointment, and making the decisions you want to make, as opposed to the ones inadvertently made for you. Its important to know about your fertility.

Yet, I would say in this Blog if you wish to have a child its better have the child early and to take the natural way. Often these medical procedures may not work for every body type. The hormone treatment may also damage a woman’s ovaries. It also certainly leads a perception that its better more women will conceive when they are older, which isn’t a very healthy thing to do.

Hope this post on benefits of freezing eggs has been useful!

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