Top 7 Benefits Of Giving Up Alcohol


Find out the Benefits Of Giving Up Alcohol

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Are you drinking too much these days? Want to get rid of this habit? Well, you have just landed at the right place. Whether you want to become healthy or want to get rid of the addictive habit, bidding good bye to alcohol can be tough. However, it has a bundle of benefits along with it which will attract you to towards giving up alcohol for good!

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Here are the benefits of giving up alcohol!

1) Sound sleep

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In a recent study it was found that drinking alcohol before going to bed increases alpha wave patterns in the brain which usually occurs when you are awake but taking rest. The final word of the study is that you will have disrupted sleep. Other studies say that while alcohol may make you fall asleep faster and more deeply initially, it affects your sleep quality after that restful period. Giving up alcohol is a good idea as you sleep will be more refreshing and you will be sharp the next day. Better your sleep, better your mood and concentration.

2) Less food consumption

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Alcohol is said to be the biggest factor behind excess intake of food. This is because alcohol tends to heighten our senses. In one study, women who were given a drink equivalent to two alcoholic drinks, ate 30 percent more than those women who were given a saline solution. Even a mild intoxication increased the activity of the hypothalamus of women, making them eat more.

3) Weight loss

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Yes, when you stop drinking alcohol your weight will start reducing. Alcohol has a very sneaky way of increasing the number of calories you consume every day. Let’s talk about cocktails! A margarita can contain more than 300 calories, which are mostly from sugar. A pina colada can have around 450 calories! Never thought about it this way, right?

A study has found that men consume an extra of 433 calories when they drink moderately and for women the count is 300 calories. When you happen to cut those calories and not replace them with desserts, you are bound to lose weight!

4) Clear complexion

Foods to eat every day for perfect skin

After you give alcohol completely, you will notice in a few days that your skin starts looking and feeling hydrated. This is chiefly because alcohol is a diuretic, i.e. it increases your visits to the washroom. It is also known to decrease the production of anti-diuretic hormone in the body, which helps in the reabsorption of water in the body. The less the water in your body, the more parched will your skin appear. Lack of water in the body causes dandruff, eczema and many other skin conditions.

5) Reduces cancer risk

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The National cancer institute says that alcohol is linked to an increased risk of cancers of the mouth, breast, liver, colon and rectum. The more you drink, the more is the risk. On the contrary, some studies say that when you give up alcohol, your risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and death may rise a bit if you were a light drinker before.

7) You can save money

save money Benefits Of Giving Up AlcoholThis is one non-health benefit. Having assorted wine and scotch can be expensive. Use the calculator and find out how much money you can save without buying booze. You can probably pay for a gym membership!

Hope you give up alcohol soon!

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