Mind Blowing Benefits Of Golden Berry


Mind Blowing Benefits Of Golden Berry

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Golden berry is not actually a berry. It belongs to the tomato family and you must be aware that tomatoes belong to an even bigger family called the night shade family that also has eggplants and potatoes in its list. Golden berries resemble small yellow tomatoes and they are being viewed as a new super food.

Golden Berries benefits

Where are these from?

These beauties are from South America. They are grown profusely there. When they ripen, their outer shell is discarded and the pretty and bright yellowish orange fruit is eaten. It tastes kind of sweet with a bit of a citrusy tang.

Health benefits of the fruit

It is low in calories and full of nutrients

Those who are trying to lose weight will find golden berries just the thing as they are low in calories! 100 grams of the fruit has just 53 calories to offer. They contain vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E , B-vitamins, vitamin K along with fatty acids. They also have trace amounts of iron and calcium along with other minerals. However, they are called super foods not because of their nutritional qualifications.

Rich in antioxidants

Golden berries have specialized antioxidants like polyphenols and carotenoids; because of the anti-inflammatory and healing nature of the antioxidants the fruit qualifies as a super food. According to research, golden berry extract has been found useful in cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. The berries are also known to protect the liver and kidney.

Healing nature

The primary compounds in golden berries are withanolides that have a healing nature. The whole golden berry plant and not just the fruit contains withanolides. 4 main withanolides have been isolated from the golden berry plant. There has also been a discovery of 9 withanolides that were previously unknown.

It is the same compound that gives Ashwagandha its healing value. A lot of research has been conducted on Ashwagandha due to its benefits on the the endocrine system. Since withanolides are present in golden berries too, it is considered that there have similar anticancer properties.

However, trying to beat cancer with plants is something that has drawn controversy. Still the effects are quite promising as withanolides cause death of cancer cells and prevent the spreading of cancer throughout the body.

List of benefits of Golden berries

  1. Antioxidant effects
  2. Anticancer effects
  3. Fights bacteria
  4. Kidney protective effects
  5. Liver protective effects
  6. Lowers fever
  7. Lowers blood sugar levels
  8. Modulates immune function
  9. Reduces inflammation
  10. Helps in weight loss

Golden berry- a new super food

Benefits of golden berries

Golden berries have a high content of antioxidants and low amounts of sugar (mainly sucrose). They can play an essential role in diabetic and low calorie diets. They can be added to salads and cooked dishes. The berries have fatty acids (just 2%). The oil is chiefly linoleic acid, which is good for cholesterol and triglyceride lowering diets. Golden berries are loaded with vitamin C just like fruits from that part of the world are.

How to eat golden berries?

Though scientists have just started discovering the benefits of this fruit, you shouldn’t waste any time. Add a handful of them in your breakfast smoothie and enjoy the flavour. You can also go in for the whole dried fruit.

Few words of caution

The berries are non-toxic but one study has found that it can be toxic in very high doses. Those who are allergic to the nightshade family should avoid consuming them in order to prevent allergic reactions.

How did you find the benefits of golden berry?

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