Top 9 Benefits Of Greek Yogurt!


Benefits Of Greek Yogurt!

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You must not be new to the term ‘Greek Yogurt’ if you are into healthy eating. It has been repeatedly said that it is healthier than normal yogurt. Now, if you don’t know the difference between Greek yogurt and normal yogurt, please keep reading this post!

Difference between Greek yogurt and normal yogurt

Greek yogurt does not contain any liquid whey and lactose. It has twice the amount of protein and half the carbs when compared to normal yogurt. The sodium count in Greek yogurt is also half.

Why is Greek yogurt so famous?

greek-yogurt health benefits, Benefits Of Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt has become so famous in the recent times because of the health benefits that it has to offer. Check out the benefits of Greek yogurt!

Amazing benefits of Greek Yogurt

1) Greek yogurt is a great protein source as it has 13 to 20 g of protein which is way more than that of normal yogurt (approx 5 to 10 g).

2) Those suffering from hypertension can be benefitted by consuming Greek yogurt as it has 50 percent lower sodium content when compared to normal yogurt.

3) Diabetics who are on a lookout for food with lower carbs can go in for Greek yogurt. There no better snack for them than this yogurt. Normal yogurt has approx. 15 to 17 g of carbs while Greek yogurt has 8 to 9 g of it.

4) The lactose intolerant people can really benefit from this yogurt. The thing is that lactose content in Greek yogurt is considerably lower than that in normal yogurt and will definitely not upset the tummy (of those who are intolerant to lactose).

5) Greek yogurt can be used to make countless recipes, both sweet and savoury. You can have the yogurt plain, add lots of fruits into it, some nuts and a dash of cinnamon. It is simply perfect for smoothies and makes a great salad dip too!

smoothie prevent weight gain

6) Just like normal yogurt, Greek yogurt has probiotics in it. You must be aware of probiotics. They are bacteria that help improve the process of digestion and strengthen your immunity.

7) Searching for a post-workout snack? It can be pretty satisfying to snack on Greek yogurt after you have a tough workout. It is also helpful in repairing the damage that occurs due to exercising.

8) Your weight can also stay maintained because of the good amounts of iodine present in it. The benefits of iodine are many and one is its ability to keep your metabolism running fine.

9) Last but not the least, Greek yogurt is a great calcium source that keeps your bones and teeth healthy. It also provides you with vitamin B12 that is needed for the functioning of the brain and formation of red blood cells.

I guess, these many benefits of Greek yogurt are sufficient for you to include it in your diet.

Eat healthy and keep the temple of your soul, i.e. your body running in the best condition.

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