Benefits Of Heavy Bag Workout That Will Amaze You


Benefits Of Heavy Bag Workout That Will Amaze You

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Heavy bags bring boxing to the mind, doesn’t it? You would have seen boxers getting trained with one. However, heavy bags are not just limited to boxing, they can be used for other kinds of strength training as well as for general fitness. The heavy bag workout is known to provide the resistance needed to strengthen the arms and shoulders. The benefit of heavy bags is not limited to this, there is a lot more that it offers. Both athletes and non-athletes can get benefitted by the use of heavy bags. Have a look!

benefits of heavy bag workout

Benefits Of Heavy Bag Workout


Apart from being a training tool for boxers, heavy bags are beneficial for other sports and martial arts. Kickboxers, wrestlers and those who do martial arts can use the heavy bag as an object to practice punches and kicks. Even self defence classes use the heavy bag to teach moves to the members.

Develops strength and power

While working out on a heavy bag, the muscles of your arms, shoulders, core and legs repeatedly get tensed, relaxed and also bear the resistance of the hands/feet impacting the bag. This helps in developing and strengthening the muscles and makes you capable of hitting and kicking hard in future heavy bag workouts. With continued practice the punches and kicks get stronger.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

You can perform both aerobic and anaerobic exercises with the heavy bag depending on the way you workout.

Aerobic exercise with the heavy bag has footwork and body motions. The movement is equal to a low-intensity workout that may leave you breathless as the heart needs to work hard in order to supply oxygen to the muscles.

Anerobic exercise with the heavy bag has punches and kicks that cause the muscles of your arms and legs to start burning calories as they are made to work harder.

In order to be effective, aerobic and anaerobic workouts you do with a heavy bag should last for a minimum of 2 minutes and can continues even for 3 to 5 minutes.

Improvement in coordination

Heavy bag workout benefits

When you move around a heavy bag and punch it, you improve your overall stability and hand-eye coordination. As you need to move in various ways, you have to aim more specifically before punching or kicking the bag. Some people even use a masking tape to create targets on the heavy bag in order to increase focus even more. While working with the bag, you will find that it moves slightly and this increases the need for well-aimed punches or kicks and stable footwork. Your movements will become more precise as you keep working out with the heavy bag.

Reduces stress

A heavy bag workout may help in reducing your stress, lower the levels of blood pressure, and improve mood as well as mental health. When you punch or kick the heavy bag, it helps the body reduce stress. It simulates the fight or flight mechanism of the brain. Heavy bag workout also releases hormones such as endorphins that help in improving mood, reducing pain and in certain cases counteracting mental problems. The release of such hormones results in an exercise-induced euphoria, which is a feeling of well being that occurs while one exercises. It is also called the runner’s high.

Using the heavy bag the right way

It would be better to consult a doctor before starting a heavy bag workout to make sure that you are in good health. Take the necessary precautions while working out with the bag. Safety is always the first priority. Check if the bag is in proper condition and is well secured. Being careless can result in serious injuries.

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